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Energizing. Invigorating. Blissful. We’re not just referring to the magical 45 minutes of class. As any rider knows, that amazing lemony-sage scent that drifts through Flywheel shower stalls is quite the pick-me-up. Since 2010, bliss spa products have been a staple at all Flywheel locations, keeping us feeling FLY after every sweat-soaked class.

But as the colder months approach, many avid exercisers become concerned about the effects of low temperatures and biting winds on their skin (talk about a sweat session buzz kill!). So, we asked Edwin Batista, Global Director of Education at bliss spa to share insights on how to make sure your skin has a post-class glow.

Flywheel bathrooms are stocked with Bliss shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion. How do these products benefit a fitness buff?
The more you perspire, the drier your skin and hair can become – after all, sweat is comprised mostly of salt. That’s why we’ve purposefully stocked Flywheel bathrooms with these bliss products because we know how effective they are at removing the negative effects of sweat. Also, our lemon and sage formula combines the detoxifying benefits of lemons with the reviving aroma of sage, making it the perfect post-FLY perk.

What are some go-to tricks for keeping skin looking fresh, healthy, and glowing during the winter?
The best gift you can give your body is 24-Heaven, which is our healing, soothing body balm. It delivers all the benefits of a body crème but without the unpleasant thickness or heaviness. For the face, look no further than our Triple Oxygen Serum. Infused with our CPR (clarify, protect and revitalize) technology, this serum is the perfect lightweight but powerful protection you need to replenish your skin after a class. Just be sure to cleanse before applying it!

Tell us the truth: is it that bad to skip a shower after a FlyBarre class?
We’ve heard that that too many showers can dry out the skin. While barre classes typically don’t produce the same super sweaty aftereffects as wheel, your skin releases toxins during any form of exercise. And these toxins can linger until you wash them off (and nothing ruins post-class bliss than walking around feeling icky!). Use your best judgment, but know that a quick, 5-minute shower in lukewarm water won’t hurt – just be sure to moisturize after. Even better, massage our Hot Salt Scrub onto your skin, and then rinse it off. The scrub’s warming effect will help relieve tired muscles.

Bliss specializes in massages. How can they help the recovery process?
Exercise is critical for good health and well being, but massage is also a part of this too. As fun as it is, Flywheel is hard work! After a month of regular classes, you may feel some tightness in your lower back, shoulder and neck area (note from Team Flywheel: make sure your bike is properly adjusted and maintain good form!). Massage, like exercise, is proven to help your body flush out toxins, so pair your classes with a monthly Blissage75 treatment or our Extreme Sports Massage and your body will thank you.

What is the one face product that every athlete must have in his or her stash in the winter?
Our Triple Oxygen Energizing Mask! Oxygen is critical to a healthy appearance, as it helps keep your skin glowing and restores essential vitamins and nutrients lost during exercise and in a cold, dry climate. This mask restores oxygen and takes only five minutes of your time.




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