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Green juices are all the rage these days – and for good reason. Not only are they a quick and easy way to energize before or after class, but the proper ingredients can also provide essential nutrients that help repair, recover and rejuvenate your muscles and joints. It’s fun to play with ingredients, too! Check out what our instructors throughout the country whip up when making juices and smoothies at home and what they order at their local juice shop. We’ve also got the scoop on the latest app that helps you find the closest green juice bars, smoothie bars and health food stores nearest you.

Why go green?
My overriding opinion about juicing, smoothies and the hype around their popularity is that no matter what you choose, who you get it from, or how it’s made, it is better than fast food! Keep in mind, if you are drinking a juice as a meal replacement, add a handful of nuts, a hard-boiled egg, or another source of clean protein to complete the meal. Enjoying a healthy juice or smoothie in the morning is like getting your workout in early – there’s no excuse to skip it later or getting too busy to fit it in. You may find the day get away from you or that healthy meal you planned on having didn’t quite work out, but at least you got a serving in early in the day.  Here’s my favorite recipe:

Sun Warrior vegan protein powder
1 tablespoon almond butter, chia or flax seeds
1/2 – 1 cup frozen fruit
1 cup coconut water or almond/coconut milk
A handful of spinach or kale (or celery, cucumbers, avocado)


My favorite green pre-FLY drink:

One cup almond, hemp or coconut milk
One frozen banana
1/2 a sliced avocado
One bunch of kale
One tablespoon almond or peanut butter
One scoop chia seeds

Why I choose these items: The banana, avocado and nut butter give the smoothie a creamy and thick, satiating consistency. The banana provides all the sweetener you need, while the good fats in avocados help our bodies absorb other essential nutrients. Kale is high in protein, fiber, calcium, tons of essential vitamins and minerals and a phytonutrient that helps fight cancer. Chia seeds and nut butters also add fiber, protein and essential fatty acids, all of which provide great energy for my workout. Plus, chia seeds aid the body in staying hydrated!

When I want a juice or smoothie near Flywheel Flatiron… I hit up either The Juice Shop (my favorites are the Higher Love or Maca Butterscotch for a treat!) or juice press for their Mother Earth super green juice or Fireball if I feel a cold coming on – it always zaps it right away!


My favorite green post-FLY drink: By the time I walk in the door from teaching, I’ve been riding, singing and dancing non-stop for two hours in front of 100 hundred riders. I need to get something in my system fast! My banana shake is not only delicious but it holds me over for hours:

Two frozen bananas
1/ cup Silk Brand Unsweetened Almond Milk and 1/2 cup water
One dash of nutmeg
Two dashes of cinnamon
Blend in NutriBullet for 60 seconds

*Occasionally I’ll add one tsp. of cocoa powder if I have a chocolate craving.

Why I choose these items:  Bananas are my superfood. The potassium keeps me from having issues with muscle cramping after class.  I generally stick to a dairy free diet, which is why I choose Almond Milk.  Some people might question why I don’t add protein, but I prefer my physique to be lighter and leaner without added muscle so I don’t use as much protein in my diet as someone else would. This shake can be easily made with a scoop of protein powder.

When I want a juice or smoothie near Flywheel Florida… We have a fantastic juice bar next door to Flywheel Boca called Raw Juice.  I’ll grab a cold pressed juice called Raw Greens to hold me over.

My favorite green pre-FLY drink:

One handful blueberries
One handful strawberries
1/2 peach
One banana
One container raspberry greek yogurt
One handful of almonds
One cup orange juice
One scoop Flax seeds
*This usually makes enough for 2 servings … my husband is the lucky recipient of the second one.

Why I choose these items: I aim to get a full serving of fruit each morning. I include the banana for potassium and to refuel after an early morning class. Teaching two 5:30 am classes a week requires a healthy and substantial breakfast afterwards. Plus, it tastes delicious!

When I want a juice or smoothie near Flywheel Boston… I love to get fresh juice from JUGOS just a few blocks from the Back Bay studio on Dartmouth Street. Any of the Jugos with kale and pineapple are my favorite!


My favorite green pre-FLY drink:

1/2 cup almond milk and 1/2 cup water
One handful of spinach
Half or whole frozen banana
1/2-3/4 cup of blueberries
One scoop of vanilla Raw Protein powder
One scoop of cacao flavored “Perfect Food
Either a tablespoon of organic peanut butter or a sprinkle of PB2

Why I choose these items:  As someone who is constantly working out, I look to satisfy my appetite while keeping clean eating in mind. I also look for foods and supplements that will help to maintain and fortify lean muscle.

When I want a juice or smoothie near Flywheel Chicago…  I am a huge fan of a local business called Chicago Health Food Store. They have a juice bar  where they make amazing juices and smoothies. My favorite is the green drink which is similar to my own recipe.    The Protein Bar and Jamba Juice also have refreshing versions of an orange and kale drink that I love. These drinks do not include protein but are really nice pick-me-ups in the morning or afternoon when I need something in between meals.


My favorite green post-FLY drink:

One bunch kale
One tablespoon almond butter or avocado
One cup coconut water
One cup pineapple slices
Handful of blueberries

Green Juice: 
One cucumber
One fennel
Mint leaves
One apple
Juice from one lemon
Ginger slices

Why I choose these items: These ingredients are packed with iron, fiber, calcium, healthy fats and skin-brightening antioxidants. Spirulina is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and MSM powder is essential for bone and joint care to reduce stiffness and improve joint flexibility and function. It helps increase mobility in my joints, protect me from joint stiffness, improves circulation. Fennel is a great source of magnesium and mint has anti-inflammatory properties.

When I want a juice or smoothie near Flywheel LA… I love Nektar Juice Bar for smoothies because they are simply put together and I can taste every ingredient. I love the Tropical Cooler that has kale and spinach, spruced up with the tropical flavors of pineapple and coconut. They use coconut butter, so the richness makes this filling. Clover Juice is my go-to for juices. The Gold ‘n Greens with pineapple and turmeric is amazing!


My favorite green pre-FLY smoothie: Blueberries! Other than the fact that they taste amazingly delicious, the boost of antioxidants does wonders for my immune system.

One cup blueberries
One bunch kale
One cucumber

Why I choose these items: I love the extra hydration of adding cucumbers to smoothies. Kale is my faithful friend and go-to in any green smoothie.

When I want a juice or smoothie near Flywheel Texas…I love the Juice Bar in Dallas for fresh juice and smoothies post class. I order the Hottie and the Skinny Greens to reboot, refresh and keep all the bad stuff out!


Searching for a juice shop near you? Try Greenhopping!

Our good friends at Greenhopping have created the perfect app. GreenHopping helps you find organic green juices, smoothies, juice bars, health food stores, and raw, gluten-free, vegan plant based restaurants! GreenHopping seeks to facilitate access to healthy plant-based eateries by placing all vegan, raw, gluten-free and vegetarian restaurants, as well as green juice bars, cold-pressed juice bars, green smoothie bars and health food stores that offer these beverages on an electronic map for consumers to locate via a GPS mobile application or the Internet. Their goal is to be the go-to food ordering service that allows users to locate and order food for delivery or takeout from places with a focus on healthy and green eating. Available in 14 US cities on iPhones and Android devices. Download the app here.

Want more smoothie recipes? Check out these post-FLY smoothies from Flywheel Scarsdale instructor Victoria Frosini.