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In the early stages of going after your goals, you might feel inspired to go to extreme measures to reach them. But we often forget that it’s the little changes – like working out with a pal, posting simple reminders, and being your own cheerleader – that provide essential long-term support. Here are some tips from C&J Nutrition, and instructor coaches Alexandra Sweeney (Flywheel Seattle), Destinee Smith (FlyBarre Dupont), and Erika Carter (FlyBarre Atlanta) for kicking butt in week two of the FLY Challenge.

Face your goals at all times. We love writing individual goals on sticky notes and putting them up in places that inspire from AM to PM (inside a cabinet, on the fridge, on your work computer, in your lunch bag, etc.).– C&J Nutrition

Schedule appointments for yourself. Every Sunday, I sit down and look at my schedule for the upcoming week to see when I am going to get in my own personal workouts. Blocking out times in your calendar will help keep you accountable. – Erika Carter

Track your progress. Check in with yourself every day, after every ride, and at every meal, and then ask yourself: am I taking steps to help reach my goal? This helps you eventually get there. – Alexandra Sweeney

Involve buddies. If you let friends and family in on your goals, they’ll be better able to lend support. Plus, by communicating your goals, you may just find an unlikely workout, cooking, and/or activity partner! – C&J Nutrition

Seek positive inspiration. Surround yourself with those who will positively encourage you to stay the course – especially on days that you want to rest instead of do the work.
Destinee Smith

Take on mini-Challenges. If you always use 2-lb. weights in barre, bring in the 3-lb. weights next time. When your wheel instructor tells you to add 1 or 2 to your Torq, just go for it. And use the TorqBoard – even if your name isn’t up there, find someone in your Power range and try to beat them. You’ll be amazed at how much harder you push. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition – with yourself and others! –Erika Carter

Pat yourself on the back. No matter how much outside support you have, the most important supporter is you. Did you prep ingredients on Sunday for home-cooked dinners all week? Be proud of that. Reflecting daily on what you’re doing to eat more healthfully helps you feel more positive about it and be more likely to continue those habits. -– C&J Nutrition

Spread the word. Although this journey is for YOU to challenge yourself physically and mentally, it helps to voice your goal with one or several people. It’ll help change some of those conscious or unconscious habits that are holding you back or keeping you too stagnant. – Alexandra Sweeney

Crush your doubts. There will almost always be a point when you begin to doubt yourself. Notice it and then push yourself to move past that doubt. One of my favorite mantras (and also the Ironman triathlon motto) is: Anything Is Possible. – Alexandra Sweeney

Have fun. Buy a neat new ingredient you’ve been seeing on Instagram (golden berries, smoked paprika, chia seeds, etc.); host a dinner party for other Challengers; grab a friend and do meal prep for the week together. There are so many ways to infuse fun into the prep part, in addition to eating! -– C&J Nutrition

Give yourself love. It’s not easy to set and achieve a long-term goal, make schedules, and kick ass. You are working tremendously hard already. Allow yourself to rock out to the music, to ‘woo-hoo’ and holler in class, and to tell your instructors what jam would really give you a push. You deserve it. – Destinee Smith