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Power and speed are critical components to success in the endurance world. When you’re looking to resist fatigue in a longer-length Flywheel or FlyBarre class or any other workout endeavor, endurance training – which helps you become faster and stronger and improves cardiovascular strength – is the answer. Here, straight from our instructors, are all the reasons that you should carve out time for a longer class plus its veritable mind and body benefits.

WHAT YOU’LL GET FROM A LONGER CLASS: I think of it as extra calories burned, extra Power Points earned, and, of course, 15 minutes of extra Flywheel, for free!
ADVICE FOR TACKLING YOUR FIRST FLY60: For someone who has never taken a 60-minute class, my biggest advice is to pace yourself. Take the recoveries the instructor calls out and maybe take a few extra breaks on your own. Lasting the entire hour is an accomplishment! Over time, your body will adapt and you’ll need fewer recoveries throughout the class.
FUEL PROPERLY: Everybody is different, but my general advice before a longer ride is to consume easy digestible, low-glycemic carbs roughly 60-90 minutes prior to the class. Think: whole grains, brown rice, and yogurt. Closer to class, top off your energy stores with a piece of fruit or an energy gel. Post-ride, replenish your glycogen stores and have some protein. Chocolate milk provides the perfect post-workout ratio of carbs and protein!
SWITCH YOUR FOCUS: Don’t think about the discomfort your body may be in that moment. You can do this in many ways: Allow yourself to take a break if that’s what your body needs in the moment. Focus on the guidance, cuing, and motivation from your instructor. One of the best parts about Flywheel is to have that coach to guide you through the ride! And get lost in the music – it’s sure to help distract you. Finally, focus on goals – thinking about why you’re riding can help you work through a plateau.

WHAT YOU’LL GET FROM A LONGER CLASS: Sometimes we need to be pushed further out of our comfort zone to realize our full potential. By adding that extra 15 minutes to a class, you can break through some of the things that could be holding you back from reaching your ultimate goal.
GRAB A FLYPAL: First of all, don’t be intimidated by a longer class. If you are hesitant about trying a 60-minute class, invite a friend and book bikes next to each other. There’s no better way to get through a longer workout then to have a buddy hold you accountable.
FUEL UP: My no-fail meal before any class is a banana and a Quest Bar. The banana is easy to digest and the Quest Bar has enough protein and calories to give me the fuel I need before my workout.
STAY HYDRATED: Make sure that you drink 20-25 ounces in an hour-long class. I’m never without my Flywheel CamelBak water bottle and I typically like to throw in an electrolyte tablet, too.
HOW TO RIDE PAST A PLATEAU: I always remind my class that I am with them and I’m not stopping until they finish with me. Ultimately, I like to incorporate high-energy remixes that can really get my class motivated and into the zone.

WHAT YOU’LL GET FROM A LONGER CLASS: It’s an extra 15 minutes of sweaty fun! Don’t stress about it. You’re strong and you can do it.
HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU TAKE LONGER CLASSES? If you are looking to build up your endurance, you should definitely go for a 60, 75 or even 90-minute class (or a double) a couple times a week. But give yourself time to rest. A double or a 60-minute class won’t do any good if you’re exhausted.
HOW TO RIDE PAST A PLATEAU: Our minds usually tell us to quit before our bodies do, so whenever I feel like I want to give up I ask myself if it’s my mind or body that’s tired. If it’s my mind, I tell myself to suck it up and add two to the Torq. If it’s my body, I give myself a 30-second break and tell myself: I’ve done this before and I can do it again.
STRETCH IT OUT: Hamstrings can often be your tightest muscles, especially after a couple extra hill climbs. While you’re in a hamstring stretch, slowly bend and extend your knee. You’ll feel the stretch all the way up and down the back of your leg rather than just the middle of your hamstring.

WHAT YOU’LL GET FROM A LONGER CLASS: It’s a challenge! At Flywheel, we’re all about pushing ourselves, both mentally and physically. The last few minutes are about mind over matter!
PACE YOURSELF: I can’t say this enough. A FLY60 can feel never-ending if you don’t save some energy for those last couple songs.
FUEL PROPERLY: I tend to eat a protein bar or a quick burst of sugar from an energy gel or gummies before class. Glucose is the first thing your body burns so I always make sure my sugars are up before riding. After class, have some protein. It’s key for building muscle.
HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED: A FLY60 can be tough. Tell yourself “I can do this. I will finish this. I’ve come so far. Don’t stop now.” The cool thing is, this kind of supportive self-talk can apply both in and out of the stadium.
HOW I LIKE TO RECOVER POST-CLASS: I love to stretch my hip flexors. I get into a lunge position, push my hips forward, and feel a stretch in the front of my hip (be sure to repeat it on the other side). It’s great after being flexed on the bike for an hour. I also like to lay on my foam roller to extend my spine and open up my chest.

WHAT YOU’LL GET FROM A LONGER CLASS: In an extra 15 minutes, you’ll burn 25% more calories, get 25% more Power Points, and 25% more you time! You’ll also build more strength to tackle a 45-minute class with more ease.
ADVICE FOR TACKLING YOUR FIRST FLY60: Take a few 45-minute classes before jumping in to build your endurance.
DRINK UP: One to two hours before class, drink 15 to 20 ounces of water. Then, 15 minutes prior, drink between 8 and 10 ounces of water. During your workout, drink 8 ounces every 15 minutes.
HOW TO RIDE PAST A PLATEAU: I always remind myself discomfort is always temporary. I take it one song at a time, and one sprint or hill at a time. I remind myself how great I will feel knowing I did my best, and then I’m hapy with my results.
HOW I LIKE TO RECOVER POST-CLASS: I love pigeon pose or a runner’s lunge for loosening up tight hips.




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