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Giving Tuesday

By December 2, 2019 No Comments

During this Thanksgiving season the #FlyFam was committed to give back. Our NYC studios partnered with The Food Bank of NYC for the month of November. Each NYC studio has a box by the front desk and is graciously accepting any donations, mainly canned food and non perishable goods.

Our boxes will be out in the studios until 12/7. Click here for the list of approved food we are collecting. Feel free to get into the spirit of giving as we fly into our holiday season by dropping off a can or two before you clip in!

Our fabulous Fly instructors are giving back in other ways as well. Meet one of our newest New York City wheel instructors, Kyle Bergman. He has only been on the schedule for a few weeks! While in school, Kyle started his own company called The Great Fantastic, whose main, and currently only product, is Swoveralls, or sweatpants overalls. Bye bye stiffness, hello Swoveralls. Finally, an easy outfit you can throw on and feel completely comfortable in. This epic entrepreneurial idea landed him on the reality TV, Shark Tank.
Kyle’s company is based on the idea of giving back. He is a proud member of “1% for the planet,” a nonprofit that was started by the founder of Patagonia. This program ensures 1% of total sales for the year will go back to a non-profit organization that helps the environment. He has chosen to split the earnings amongst a few different charities including Friends With Trees, an Oregon based company, that plants trees, the River project, based on the west side, responsible for maintaining the health of the Hudson River, and Urban Pathways, a nonprofit organization that provides housing and support to homeless people in New York City.
During this holiday season, The Great Fantastic will be working especially close with Urban Pathways. Kyle donated twenty pairs of Swoveralls that will be part of a larger package distributed to the clients at the facility who are trying to get back on their feet.

On Wednesday, December 11th, a group of Flywheel instructors will be making these care packages. Sign up at your local Flywheel studio if you would like to get involved!
Swoveralls retail for $95 but you can get a pair online at – Don’t forget to use the discount code: FLYFAM for 19% off. They’re the perfect comfy gift for the holidays and a way to give back!


Written by NYC Flywheel Instructor Sarah Ballan @sarahballan