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From NYC Lawyer to Flywheel Instructor

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My path to becoming a Flywheel instructor is a little different than most and it certainly took a while to get here!  

I grew up in Ohio as a certified tomboy, playing kickball in the streets and riding my bike through the neighborhood. I played just about every sport that a young girl could: softball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and more. As I got older and realized that I wasn’t going to make a living playing kickball, I focused a little more on academics and ultimately went to law school.

After graduating, I moved to New York City and became a Labor Associate at a large New York City law firm, where I specialized in sports law. I had never been to the “big city” before accepting the position and I can still remember how I loved everything about NYC — the restaurants, the theatre, the arts, the people! It was around this same time that the indoor cycling movement was beginning to take hold. I took my first class at my local gym and was I impressed by the concept. An exercise class where everyone could go at his or her own pace and not feel completely out of sync with the group? Brilliant! I was hooked.

A few years later, I was hired by Major League Baseball as Deputy General Counsel and was fortunate enough to be involved in some of the most exciting sports arbitrations and negotiations in MLB history. I had the best time working with the most iconic figures in the sport. Because of my position, I was even selected by Crain’s NY as a “40 Under 40” rising star in NYC. Not bad for a girl from Cleveland!

I absolutely loved my job at MLB, but after having kids, it was too difficult for me to “have it all.” I decided to become a full-time, stay-at-home mom. Leaving my career hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve never regretted my decision. However, after having my third child, I was ready for a new adventure.

I learned that Flywheel was opening a studio in Scarsdale, and because I loved the vibe and energy of Flywheel classes in NYC (not to mention the complete TorqBoard addiction),  I knew that becoming a Flywheel instructor would be fun and challenging. I auditioned with the absolutely fabulous Flywheel Master Instructors Kate Hickl and Ryan Makely, who were both so incredibly supportive and positive, and I haven’t looked back since! The Scarsdale Flywheel studio is such a great place to be. We have a beautiful state-of-the-art facility, awesome FlyBarre and Flywheel instructors, and a staff dedicated to the success of our riders.

Now that you know my backstory, here are some other fun facts about me!

My favorite pre and post Flywheel snacks:
I usually teach in the mornings, but I never leave the house without eating breakfast, which consists of the same thing every day (boring, I know) — Red Mills organic oatmeal with fresh fruit and chopped walnuts. After class, I usually indulge in a soy cappuccino from the Scarsdale Starbucks.

What you’ll typically hear in my class:
I don’t mess around when it comes to my playlists. I think great music is critical for an exceptional riding experience and I work hard to make sure there’s a little something for everyone. Also, because I grew up in the late-70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, I have an appreciation for so many different music genres which tends to make my playlists very eclectic.

My vibe:
Two words — fun and positive! Because of my own personal journey, I can relate to the journey of so many of my riders. I remember too well what it’s like to get back in shape after having kids. I appreciate how demanding it is to be a stay-at-home mom. And, I understand that after a stress-filled workweek in NYC, my evening and weekend riders want to decompress and let loose! Most important, I learned from many MLB players the importance of confidence and belief in oneself. If you believe in yourself, you will succeed at Flywheel, regardless of your initial riding level. And, even if that confidence waivers from time to time — as it does for all of us — I am 100% there for my riders to help them find it.


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