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Flywheel’s Latest Master Instructors: Carrie Kaschak and Jenna Bertram

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Meet Flywheel and FlyBarre’s latest Master Instructors! 

I started working at Flywheel Charlotte in March 2012. I was hired as the studio manager and transitioned to Regional Manager shortly thereafter. When Kara Liotta came to town to launch our FlyBarre program in May 2012, I took as many of her classes as I could – I became borderline obsessed! While she was in town, Kara asked me if I wanted to audition or had any interest in teaching FlyBarre, but at that time I wasn’t ready to take on another responsibility. However, that feeling was short-lived. I soon decided that I HAD to teach FlyBarre, so I auditioned, and by November 2012 I was up on the schedule! These days, in addition to teaching at least ten classes a week, I am also maintaining my latest role as Southeast FlyBarre Training Manager. I am thrilled and proud to be in this unique position of working with all of the FlyBarre studios and instructors within the Southeast region.

When Kara recently announced that I would be a Master Instructor, I was, and am, so honored. There is a small handful of FlyBarre Master Instructors and they are all my inspirations and mentors. I truly cannot believe that I am included in this group of superb people!

#FLYFuel: What are some of your favorite ways to fuel before and after class? What’s your GUILTY indulgence?
Before a workout I’ll usually grab a small piece of fruit or half of a protein or Kind bar. Post-workout, I make chicken sausage with eggs and spinach if it’s the morning or a protein smoothie for the afternoon. My guilty indulgence?! Cheese! I love a good cheese tray. And cake! Wedding cake is the best. See more replenishing ways to fuel up post-FLY here.

What type of music do you like to play in class?
I like a good mixture of recognizable hits and new electronic-style music. I also love acoustic versions of songs or a really great remix of something trendy. Nothing is wrong with a little hip-hop for thighs!

How has FlyBarre changed your body?
Once I started teaching FlyBarre, I was amazed at my arm definition and how lean my upper body became. These little weights were doing more for me than lifting those 20 pounders ever did! I also noticed a drastic difference in my core strength.

What can a pulser expect from your class?
I stand out amongst other instructors because of my motivation to push you through the burn. I have been told that I know exactly when people are going to drop the movement or the weight and I choose that moment to say something that will push you to keep going.

What’s your MANTRA?
Take yourself out of your comfort zone.

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After graduating from Penn State, I moved to Charlotte to work as the Group Exercise coordinator at the JCC. I had kept up with Aleah Stander (a fellow Penn State alum) on Facebook and kept seeing all of these amazing posts about Flywheel. I was so intrigued. I then heard that Flywheel was coming to Charlotte and immediately, I had to know more! Aleah filled me in and three weeks later I was sitting in Kate Hickl’s class. From that moment on, I was HOOKED! I knew that this is where I belonged! I knew that this was the direction that I wanted to go in and the fact that I could have a real career at Flywheel was an added bonus. I interviewed, and a mere five months later, I left my job at the JCC and was brought on as a full time instructor. Around the same time, I decided to pursue my passion for FlyBarre as well. I now teach Flywheel and FlyBarre full time and I couldn’t imagine another job that makes me this happy!

Becoming a Master Instructor was a goal that I had set for myself and even talked to Aleah about in my first-year review. Each and every one of the instructors at Flywheel are incredible and I am honored to have the opportunity to be part of such an amazing crew. Although I had made it my goal, the day Aleah told me about my new role as Master Instructor, I was completely shocked! It’s such an honor to work for such an amazing company where I can grow and continue to be challenged and have FUN doing it.

#FLYFuel: What are some of your favorite ways to fuel before and after class? What’s your GUILTY indulgence?
For super early morning classes, my fuel is definitely COFFEE along with a banana. My normal breakfast before class is a vegetable egg white scramble, protein pancakes or a green smoothie. Post-class I keep it simple with a bar of some sort (Kind or Think Thin) or fresh cold-pressed juice. My guilty indulgence would have to be wine and dark chocolate (best when paired together!) Find more smoothie recipes here.

What type of music do you like to play in class?
I play a huge variety of music. I love high-energy music that you can close your eyes, forget about your day and just ride to! Music drives every class and I try to play a wide variety to insure that every single person makes a connection that drives them through their workout and that helps them leave feeling better than when they walked in.

How has Flywheel changed your body?
The combination of Flywheel and FlyBarre is the best workout out there. I have seen so much change in the shape of my body. Pairing the two classes has really helped tighten and tone my body from head to toe. I have seen a big difference in my arms and my core! Not only does it work, but also it’s fun and makes you feel good everyday.

What’s your MANTRA?
Wake up and be awesome! Don’t let things get in your way throughout the day, only you have the power to change your mood and your outlook. There are no do-overs, so wake up and make today and everyday awesome!

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