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Flywheel UES Manager Marianne Verna’s Dramatic Transformation

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It’s often easy to forget that the person helping you get off the waitlist or clipping you into your bike may share the same struggles, goals and successes as you. Truth be told, many members of the Flywheel team began as fitness novices with the desire to live a more active, healthy lifestyle. Marianne Verna, our Upper East Side studio manager, spent the first three months of her career at Flywheel avoiding the bike. Now, two full dress sizes smaller, Marianne has found a new sense of health, a love for fitness and a bond with riders that she wouldn’t trade for anything. Here, she shares her story:

“Flywheel has changed my life. Not only has it made me a healthier person, but it has also given me real confidence both in and out of the studio. Working in this environment, surrounded by all types of people who constantly inspire me, has truly been rewarding. I live and breathe this company and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

I began working at Flywheel in January 2012. I started as a Club Coordinator at the Flatiron studio and I was immediately hooked on the brand. I soon began working on the operations team, and now, my home is at the Upper East Side studio. As the manager, I can shamelessly say that I’m obsessed with the studio and all of the riders and pulsers who visit me daily!

When I started working at Flywheel, I was too intimidated to take class. It wasn’t until three months into the job that I finally clipped in and took Ryan Makely’s class on the Upper East Side. I was addicted after that first ride. There was no looking back!

Soon after, things began to change. I started noticing the effects that these classes were having on my body. My clothes weren’t fitting the way that they used to. I don’t weigh myself, so I usually judge my body based on how I feel and look in my clothing. Going down that first pant size was probably one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced. I began altering my eating habits as well. I have never been good with dieting, I enjoy food way too much. But ever since I started FLYing, I have definitely started leading a much healthier lifestyle. I still find time for pizza, though. Who doesn’t?!

I’ll admit, when I first started taking Flywheel classes, my intention was to lose weight. However, over time it became so much more than that. Now I love how I feel after each class; that high keeps me wanting to take them. I also take my Power scores seriously, and striving to do better in each class keeps me motivated.

Seeing my total score after each class not only makes me proud of my accomplishments, but it also keeps me accountable and on track to push myself as hard as I can, every time.

These days I typically take four to five Flywheel classes a week, and add a non-Flywheel class such as FlyBarre one to two days a week to mix it up. Breaking a sweat is now an important part of my daily routine. I know I will always feel better after. Plus, when you are having fun and are surrounded by people who want to work as hard as you do, it makes it much easier to push yourself.

I knew that Flywheel had changed my body, but it wasn’t until recently, when I saw some before and after photos, that I realized just how much I had transformed. It was really crazy for me to see the pictures – I couldn’t believe the impact Flywheel has had on me. It’s even more encouraging when riders who have known me since my days working at the front desk point out the changes they have seen in me. I think that it’s motivating for them to know that these classes really do work and that I’m am working just as hard as they are to reach my own goals.

I am also thankful for the bonds that I have created with our Flywheel instructors and our riders. My role at Flywheel allows me to be actively involved with both groups and I love being part of this amazing community. I know what classes my riders love, what their favorite bikes are and when they’ve reached their personal goals. I enjoy meeting new riders and getting them excited for the physical and mental changes they are about to experience. I love representing this brand everyday; I think I’m one of our biggest cheerleaders!

Of course, there are days when I don’t want to take class and I want to be lazy, but those are the days when you use the amazing Flywheel support system to push through. They are also the days that I end up having the best ride.”

Thank you Marianne for sharing your incredible story with us! We are so lucky to have you!

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