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What gives you the power to FLY? Research has shown that there’s something to having a lucky charm or ritual – even if it’s a silly superstition or routine. Simply believing that something has the power to impact our performance can in fact, do just that. We love our instructors’ motivating and uplifting personalities, and had to hear their secrets for staying on point throughout the day. Here they share the lucky charms they believe keep them sharp on the bike and mat.

Melinda Sarkis, Flywheel & FlyBarre Boston
My Rituals & Lucky Charms:

I actually have many rituals before teaching class. Some include: placing the towel on the left handle bar, having a lip gloss on hand, and going to the bathroom three to five times! However, there is one thing I absolutely cannot go without. Ever since I was little, I've worn multiple bracelets on my left wrist. Over the years, I've collected a bevy of bracelets from amazing places - Vietnam, Greece, Laos and more! I wear them as my badge of honor and for a fix of positive energy.

Why They Work:

Before I turn up the music and get ready to take flight, I stack on my bracelets. They're almost like my Super Hero outfit! At times, they act as my security blanket, at others, just a happy reminder of all the places I've been or gifts I've received. So, if you ever see me with without my bracelets, you should know something is wrong and the flight will be bumpy!

Molly Mathis, Flywheel Atlanta
My Fitness Ritual:

Sleep... and as much of it as I'm able to squeeze in! For my Dawn Patrol classes, it’s key that I streamline things the night before. My clothes are laid out, my gym bag is packed, and my iPhone alarm is set. In the morning, I always drink water on the drive to the studio while listening to my playlist. After class, I refuel with a post-workout green/mango smoothie. I blend almond milk, almonds, plain Greek yogurt, frozen mangos, kale or spinach blended with ice. Try it!

Why it Works:

Getting enough sleep and being prepared for the day helps me wake up, get in the zone and stay focused in the stadium. Nourishing my body with a healthy smoothie after a class keeps me strong and helps me recover for the next day. Sleep, FLY, eat, repeat!

Brandon Goodman, FlyBarre NYC
My Lucky Charm:

My socks!

Why They Work:

When I began teaching FlyBarre in May 2013, I wanted to find a way to express my personality and style - especially because most fitness gear for men is boring! Fun patterned socks quickly became my signature look. I don't teach a single class without them! When my pulsers are struggling, I tell them to look at my socks as a distraction. As a result, some of my favorite pairs are actually gifts received from pulsers and friends! My socks are a constant a reminder that I have made a lasting impression on those who take my class.

Alex Sweeney, Flywheel Seattle
My Fitness Ritual:

I always eat breakfast! I have a bowl of cereal (usually Grape Nuts!), and a cup of coffee before teaching - even if it's 6 am.

Why it Works:

Having a familiar routine keeps me relaxed and helps me start my day. I know that my body needs fuel in order to perform my best while teaching and starting my day with something healthy and nutritious is key. I also follow this routine before competing in triathlons, marathons, ironman races and other workouts!

Stephanie Sutton, Flywheel DC
My Lucky Charms:

In addition to teaching, riding, and pulsing at Flywheel, I’m also training for Hood to Coast, a 197-mile relay race, this August – so my lucky charm is anything that minimizes my recovery time! I replenish while riding by mixing Emergen-C Electro-Mix packets into my water, and I regularly drink Goûter tonics (my favorites are Stretch and Refuel!) after class.

Why They Work:

Together, these two substantially decrease the recovery time my body needs after a tough workout.

Angela Lutin, Flywheel Florida
My Lucky Charm:

My gold necklace with a tiny diamond that sits on my throat chakra.

Why it Works:

I believe that it gives me the voice I need to speak the words my riders need to hear.

Steve Justice, Flywheel Charlotte
My Fitness Ritual:

Before class, I drink green tea and then wipe down the bike with sanitation wipes. It's more of a pre-class ritual! If Dave (one of our FLY facilities employees) is there, he always flashes his flashlight at me from the back of the stadium and says, “All good!”

Why it Works:

This little routine of ours may sound silly, but we have fun with it. Dave has brought in everything from a huge stage light to blind me to a disco ball into the stadium! It reminds me to have fun while teaching and enjoy the ride.




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