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Flywheel LA Supports Pilot Season

By January 10, 2014 No Comments


This past Saturday, Flywheel Instructor and actor Jonathan Bennett hosted a special ride to kick off Pilot Season in Los Angeles. Because LA is the city of dreams, we immediately wanted to create an opportunity to allow aspiring actors to feel like stars at Flywheel.

Jonathan encouraged all students to bring their head shots with their signature so we could create a “wall of fame” in the stadium for our riders while they enjoyed this energy filled ride! Pilot Season is such a difficult time for actors, as the nonstop auditions come with sleepless nights, rejection, and doubt. Stepping into Flywheel for this ride allowed each of those individuals to shine in their own way, which also allowed us to kick our SAG promotional offer.

From January 4th until the end of April (when award season comes to an end), Flywheel locations in Los Angeles are offering discounted yoga and Flywheel classes to all SAG members in efforts to support them and give them a place to unwind after a long day of auditions.

Keep your eye out for additional Awards Season rides at both our Larchmont and West Hollywood locations!


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