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Flywheel Is A Catalyst For Change

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Mukul Bakhshi discovered Flywheel at a point in his life when he knew he needed to make a change. Since his first ride at Flywheel Millburn, he has lost 37 pounds, switched careers and is happy and satisfied with his newfound healthy lifestyle.  Read his story here.

When I turned 30, I moved back to New York City after living in San Francisco for a number of years. Over the next four years I gained 45 pounds due to the lack of hikes and an abundance of boozy brunches and evenings. I was at a point where my job no longer fulfilled me, I didn’t look my best and I felt depressed – I knew I needed a positive life change. In 2013, I began to take some initial steps to get back in shape. I noticed Flywheel’s Millburn location while I was visiting my parents, and was curious to know what could be so different about Flywheel in comparison to a cycling class at a regular gym.  Well, I found out quickly.  After that first class, I was hooked on the warm and welcoming environment, the energetic instructors, and the “party on a bike” feel of the class.

I really liked the TorqBoard. When I first started taking classes I found the tech pack on the bike helpful as the numbers keep me honest and focused, and help newbies gauge whether they are on target. The TorqBoard helps me set goals on where I want to be and provides metrics that enable me to assess my progress.

This past spring, I kicked my Fly (and health habits) into high gear. I began studio hopping in NYC, hitting up the Flatiron, UWS, TriBeCa and Chelsea locations in addition to Millburn. I developed a list of my favorite instructors, including Jena Karp, Gina Racz, Jill Perlmutter, and Ryan Makely.   I even mustered up the courage to try FlyBarre and ended up loving it. It helped me with flexibility and stretching which complemented my other workouts. I know FlyBarre mostly attracts women, but I’d encourage other guys out there to give it a try.  When I travel, I immediately check out the Flywheel studio situation. I was excited to visit the Miami studio, and my recent move to DC for work has led to major “FLY withdrawal.” I cannot wait for the local studio to open this winter!


Flywheel pushed my fitness regimen to new levels. I’m now all about group fitness and I enjoy nothing more than the drive I get feeding off the energy in the cycling stadium. I love both the excitement I feel when I enter the stadium and the satisfaction that I leave with at the end of class. The mentality to “push myself further” has spilled over to many aspects of life. Professionally, I used to be a strategy consultant, and this past year, I realized I wasn’t doing the job I was meant to do, or having an impact on the broader world. Now, I am running a non-profit, and I’m being of service to people. Flywheel helped me realize that you are the catalyst of the change you want.

In seven months, I’ve lost 37 pounds. I’m more focused and goal-oriented. I get up in the morning ready to tackle a Flywheel class and the rest of my day instead of hitting the snooze button (every seven minutes).  Friday evening happy hours have given way to a cycling class and a healthy dinner. Flywheel has played a pivotal role in both my physical and mental transformation. I can’t wait for my next ride!


“The idea that I was now providing motivation for other people is what kept me going for the remaining two weeks as I pulsed my way to the end, losing a total of 17.3 inches.” Read Laurie Cobb’s amazing success story here.

“Thanks to Flywheel, I have experienced a drastic change both physically and mentally. Over the past year I have lost over 70 pounds, going from 275 pounds with 23% body fat to 205 pounds and 8% body fat.” Ready Flywheel NJ instructor Bryan Blackwell’s incredible story here.

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“That’s when I really discovered the beauty of what could be accomplished in those 45 minutes. Not only do you get an insane physical and cardio workout, but it’s also a time to shut the world out and just focus on you.” Read Flywheel Boston instructor Colin Batty’s story here.


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