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“Flywheel Has Changed Everything in Our Lives.”

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This is a story of how Flywheel came into Lauren and Alan Silver’s lives and forever changed them.

Last year, my wife Lauren visited her brother in New York City, where he introduced her to his addiction – Flywheel.   A few months later, she was thrilled to learn that the rumors of Flywheel coming to Boston were true.

Since college, Lauren has been on the search for new challenges to integrate into her fitness regimen.  A childhood leukemia survivor, she has been supporting The Leukemia Lymphoma Society and walking marathons with Team In Training for the past few years. Not only do the marathons allow her to celebrate her health, but, her training also provides a means to lose some of the weight brought on by the longer-term side effects of leukemia and its treatment.  With Flywheel coming to Boston, she was eager to find an activity that both she and I could participate in together. I was excited to join her.

I happen to work in the Prudential Center, conveniently down the hall from Boston’s Flywheel studio. I’ve always been an athlete, but tend to gravitate towards sports such as soccer, rather than gyms or group classes. The first week that the studio was open, we took our first class together; it was potentially my last! I scored a 170 and felt like this was the hardest thing I had ever done in my life!

Lauren, being more ambitious, kept going back once or twice a week for about a month to “find her instructor.” She found that she loved taking Christina Lodde, Meredith DeJesus, and Melinda Sarkis’ classes. Eventually I went back and tried a few different instructors as well.  My PowerScore continued to improve with each class, but it wasn’t until I signed up for one of Melinda’s morning classes that I was fully convinced. There was just something about hearing the words “yes, you can” from Melinda that resonated within me.  I was hooked.

We now go to Flywheel classes four to five times a week—I ride mostly in the mornings (Melinda’s Monday and Wednesday 6:30 am classes religiously), and Lauren typically goes in the evenings. Lauren alternates her Flywheel days with a barre class and continues to participate in the Disney half-marathon, incorporating more running into her training plan. This past January, she achieved a PR, in part due to the increased strength and confidence, and competitive spirit Flywheel has ignited! I have not only “Powered Up” for every month of 2014, but I also just celebrated my 100th class with Melinda in one year’s time! I’ve also seen the positive impact that Flywheel has had on my soccer endeavors, especially from an endurance perspective.

It’s now been close to a year and a half since our first Flywheel class. I am down 25 pounds, and Lauren has continued to lose weight as well. Neither of us had realized, despite comments from friends and family, the impact that the classes had on our bodies – not just from a weight loss perspective, but an emotional one as well.

We have both seen the benefits of our new Fly routine – and it’s not just about weighing less, or better fitting clothes. It’s also about feeling much stronger and a thousand times healthier.

We are now on a mission to collect tanks from each of the Flywheel studios we visit throughout the course of our business and personal travel (so far, we have collectively visited Boston, Philadelphia, the Upper East Side, Chelsea, and East Hampton, NY!). Flywheel is our culture, our friends – it has changed everything in our lives. Now, if only we could agree upon who gets to snag which bike when the “Power Plus” booking window opens on Fridays!


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