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Flywheel Hall of Change Success Story: Red Williams

By September 6, 2017 No Comments

After being nominated by countless others in the Alpharetta FLY Fam, we’re thrilled to induct Red Williams into the 2017 Flywheel Hall of Change! As a self-proclaimed ‘workaholic’ who found herself putting fitness on the backburner, Red tried Flywheel for the first time and started to crush it…hitting personal bests, seeing her confidence soar, and making new friends in the studio. Read on for this rockstar’s ultimate success story.

I moved to Atlanta from Birmingham for work in June of 2015. My company was projected to expand in to the Atlanta market and I wanted to be a part of the development. It was the best decision I’ve made for myself so far.

At the time, I was a workaholic. I dove into my job and was completely work-driven and focused…to the point that I lost balance in my life and let myself go.  And before I knew it, I was uncomfortable. The weight piled on slowly.  I would tell myself that I would get into a gym and start my ‘day 1’ and get back to my old collegiate athlete self.  And then I would find myself exhausted from work and ended up being lazy and saying “I’ll start next week”.  The thoughts of getting healthy were always there, but the actual execution fell short. My days were wake up, go to work, plan to eat well, fail, plan to work out, fail, and repeat.

Then, things changed. My best friend and I had a trip to Jamaica planned in July of 2016.  We also had the same realtor who would go to Flywheel occasionally.  Flywheel was having a free class promo at the time, and my friend signed us up to see if we’d like it. She created an account for me and said we were taking the 5:30pm FlyBeats class on Wednesday—that was it. I trust my best friend, so when she said she signed us up, I just went with it. Turn out, this was a great class to start my journey, and I still take it to this day.

I remember it vividly.  Joyce McNally came up to me and my best friend and helped us get our bikes set up. She explained the TechPack and what to expect in the class. When the lights went down and the music went up, I felt comfortable because you could tell that everyone was focused on themselves and not worried about what their neighbor was doing.  It is your ride and your ride alone. I followed along as best I could and got a horrible score. But what resonated with me was that feeling of accomplishment. That feeling of pushing through and surviving those intense 43 minutes. I craved that feeling again.

The metrics also resonated with me. You could track stats, measure your progress, and watch yourself improve over time.  I started making goals each week and that’s when I knew I found something that was bringing me back to life.

These days, I don’t feel right unless I have 6 reservations set for the week. I try to take 4 wheel classes (1 FlyBeats) and 2 barre classes (Arms and Abs, which I LOVE.) If I have a busy week with work or just life and can’t go that much, I get over it.

In addition to taking class all the time, I’ve also done many Flywheel Challenges! I love the community that grows on the Facebook page. People post pictures of meals, sweaty post-workout pics, daily motivations, all of it. Here were these like-minded people pushing each other and congratulating each other on any victory, big or small. From all corners of the country.  All walks of life. I actually want to plan a trip to L.A. to ride with Jorge Mendez.  I’ve followed his journey and that guy is a rockstar!

As far as results go? The weight loss is huge, but I’ve changed so much in other ways. I’ve developed relationships with people who have changed me for the better.  I have a new circle of friends that are healthier for me and keep me on track.

But the biggest thing I’ve gained is a sense of self-appreciation and confidence. I now walk with my head higher and smile bigger. I had lost it for a few years and now it’s back and it’s growing every day, thanks to the Flywheel Alpharetta team! Every time I walk through those doors, Kelly and her crew are always welcoming and genuinely wanting to know how I am.  And thanks to my ‘Core 4’ instructors – Nicole Green, Patrick Green, Joyce McNally, and Carlee Avery— I’ve learned to hit PRs, climb the heaviest hills, and learn that I’m worth it. This place has brought me back to life and I could not be more grateful.

A letter from our previous Hall of Change winner, Sammy Moskowitz:

Dear Red,

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story. It really resonated with me, and I identified with so much of your Flywheel experience! Like you, I made my way from the dark back row to the front of class with the support of the awesome people at my home studio. And like you, I had the same “a-ha” moments, and cannot remember what my life looked like before I found this place and these people. But I think that you have taken what it means to be a part of the Flywheel community one step further. Reading all of the amazing things your FLYfam has to say about you makes it clear that you are an ambassador of everything that makes Flywheel so special: camaraderie, determination, self-improvement, and a little bit (or…a lot) of that competitive edge. It is truly inspiring the way that you have been able to make such a significant change in your life and health; but more importantly, how you have found your tribe and forged meaningful friendships…all while having fun! As far as I can tell, that’s what life’s all about. You may have started out hiding in the back row, but it is clear that you have stepped into the light and emerged as a leader, and will continue to encourage and motivate your fellow riders (and friends) with your positivity and amazing attitude.

Wishing you a huge congratulations and sending a sweaty high five from D.C.!