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“Flywheel Changed My Outlook On Life”

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While sibling encouragement first helped Bobby Farris of Seattle take his first steps through the Flywheel door, it was his own determination that transformed his life for the better. Read on for his story!

In 2013, I was going through a divorce and headed to Seattle to find stability, happiness, and a more positive outlook. But, unfortunately, the complete opposite happened. Aside from work colleagues, I had few friends in my new city. I was really stressed about work, and the combination of eating poorly and not exercising led to an incredibly unhealthy 30-pound weight gain.

About a year after my move, my two sisters – Leigh and Lindsay – came to visit, and of course, were concerned about my deteriorated health and new… physique. In the nicest way possible, they hinted that a life change was in order, and they knew exactly what I needed: a place called Flywheel.  As Flywheel New York fans for three years, they were already hooked.

Although I hadn’t heard of it before – “Fly-what?” I responded when they mentioned it – I knew from the second I stepped into the South Lake Union studio that it would be the catalyst for change. The atmosphere was supportive and I’ll never forget that incredible first class. Forty-five minutes flew by and I walked out with more mental and physical energy than I had in a year! I knew I’d be back.

And, boy, did I go back! Over the next few months, I rode to clear my mind and de-stress. And eventually, the weight just melted off. I gradually started making healthier eating choices, sleeping better at night, and found that I had more energy during the day. And the sense of community was amazing — Flywheel wasn’t just the place that helped me turn my health around, but I made friends who supported and encouraged me through my journey.

I had completed a great four-week Flywheel Challenge back in May to jump start the summer. But then, I began traveling a lot for my job, and needed to reboot about a month and a half later. That’s when the Two-Week Tune-Up came to my rescue — this quick program was just what I needed. I lost a healthy four pounds in two weeks, and thought the “dine out” options on the eating plan were helpful because — I’ll be honest — my kitchen is mostly used for making coffee!

While I still consider myself a “work in progress,” I owe my life changes to my Fly family and, of course, my real family. (Fun fact: My sisters and I even text screenshots of our class results to each other!) I never would’ve imagined that an exercise class could improve my outlook on life the way Flywheel has, and I’m still amazed by how much my life has changed since I walked through those doors.

I am so proud of Bobby – the many changes he has made in the last year have helped him get back on track. While Leigh and I initially pushed him to try Flywheel he now pushes me, too. We often text screen shots of our class results to each other, and I find myself working extra hard in class so I don’t have to send him a low score! Our family is so grateful to the Flywheel family for providing the support and community for people like Bobby to improve his health.

I am so happy that Bobby has embraced everything about Flywheel, and thankful for the Seattle crew for their support and encouragement. It’s a great workout and an energetic atmosphere, but most importantly it’s fun! Our family continues to see the major role it has played in helping change him for the better.



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