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There’s no better way to wrap up the final days of 2015 than by reflecting on the music that not only helped us dig deep into our rides, but our emotions. Here are the songs that got us up in third, holding those planks longer at the barre, and feeling all-around awesome — both in and out of the stadium. Take a listen and let us know which tunes move you the most!

My #1 Song for 2015: It’s a tie! Shout (Unlike Pluto Remix) by Tears for Fears and Hold My Hand (Division 4 and Matt Consola Club Mix V2) by Jess Gynne. Tears for Fears are one of my favorite rock groups ever, and the remix just shakes the entire stadium! “Hold My Hand” is seven minutes of amazing beats and long pushes, and it just gets better as the time goes by. It definitely makes people “feel feelings.” Most people haven’t heard it yet, so it’s a secret gem of mine (for now!).
The Song That Describes Me Most: The song that I think catches a piece of who I am is “Sonnentanz” by KlangKarussell. I need my friends, family and riders around me to keep my sun shining.
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My #1 Song for 2015: “Indian Summer” by Jai Wolf. As a marathon runner and Ironman Triathlete, listening to the right song just before a race is key for me. This is especially true for a ride, too. This song sets the tone for a successful race and likewise, a successful ride. It builds from almost nothing to a high-energy sprint, which transforms the room from a foggy-eyed #DawnPatrol to a room full of athletes ready to race.
The Song That Describes Me Most: It’s my favorite mashup of all time: “Wrecking People” by DeeM, better known as the mashup between Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” and The Village People’s “YMCA!” I don’t like to take life too seriously, but I do like to work my butt off, and riders approach our 45 minutes in the stadium the same way. This song is the perfect combination of high energy, hilarious and great potential to climb a hill and sprint all in one song.
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My #1 Song for 2015:  “For the Love” by GRiZ & Talib Kweli (Autograf Remix). It’s hard to put my finger on exactly what it is that is so special, but this song is my jam. I love GRiZ’s juxtaposition of funk and rap, with a modern twist. The remixed version is the perfect song for a cycling class. It builds as it goes–every 30-40 seconds something changes in the music and it catches me. The last minute makes for an epic one-minute race!
The Song That Describes Me Most: I’d love to say, “Your Body is a Wonderland” by John Mayer, but…no. Truthfully, it’s “Time” by MKJ. For those who haven’t heard the song, it’s electronic music overlaid with two Morgan Freeman speeches, so it’s kind of a weird song to choose, but the message is deep—it’s that time is the most precious thing that we have and that opportunity does not dissipate as time passes. It reminds me to step back and enjoy the moment and grounds me in the present. For myself and many others, that’s a hard thing to do.

My #1 Song for 2015:  It’s difficult to choose this as it’s constantly changing, but my current favorite is “You and Me” by Bassnectar. I like to play this song when I know my riders may need a little boost. The lyrics, “it’s you and me against the world” help you dig a little deeper and escalate your RPMs and current Power. In the end, we all feel like we are all part of something bigger, a team beating the challenge of the ride!
The Song That Describes Me Most: “Lay It All on Me” Rudimental/Ed Sheeran. I aim to have my riders feel like they are unloading their burdens and worries during class, so I encourage them to focus in the moment. If it’s a particularly tough drill, I’ll even joke that they can “blame it all on me.”
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My #1 Song for 2015: “How Deep is Your Love” by Calvin Harris R3Hab remix is by far my number one song of the year. I love how the song dips and almost tricks you into thinking you can back off, but when that beats drops, you’re off!
The Song That Describes Me Most: “Party Like a Rockstar” by Shop Boyz. I like to teach by the theme, “Go Big Or Go Home” and just the song states, I like to say that “Team Smash” would best describe me as one big ball of energy and the life of the party – right?!
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My #1 Song for 2015: “The Other Boys” by Nervo. I get so pumped to FLY every time I hear this song because from the first to the last beat, everyone in the room is just in it. It’s a happy song that makes you want to ride hard and have fun all at the same time.
The Song That Describes Me Most: Even though the song is called “America’s Sweetheart,” this Elle King hit is the song of 2015 that describes me the most. It’s just so good!
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My #1 Song for 2015: “High” (feat. Nicole Millar) by Peking Duk. The beat is amazing for running in second position. And that’s great for your core, so I love using energetic songs for it.
The Song That Describes Me Most: “Giving Up the Gun” by Vampire Weekend. Just like me, the song is Canadian, sweet, and vibrant.
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