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Bikinis and boots are packed. Denim, tie-dye and fringe are a must. It’s time for Coachella once again and Flywheel LA instructor Erica Eynon has the perfect playlist to get you in festival spirit. See what inspired Erica’s selection and listen to the full playlist on spotify.

“Coachella is an event that brings together 90,000 people from across the world and it is important to embrace the uniqueness of the event. This year’s lineup is incredible and my selection of songs was quite difficult to narrow down! I made sure to play the three headliners and then included some of my favorites. I am a very visceral and kinesthetic person so I always choose music that I can feel move through me flow through the room. The message and purpose of each song is also important in my selection of music. I like to throw in unique beats that are not exactly mainstream—I like to surprise my riders!”

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