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Flytunes: Boston’s Finest Playlists

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Fact: A great playlist can push you to the max during your sweat session, so it’s imperative to have tunes that will get you amped to reach your goal, or exceed it! Luckily Flywheel instructors have a knack for curating playlists that will pump you up – whether it’s 6 am or your boss totally got on your last nerve (we’ve all been there). The rhythm of the beats and inspirational lyrics keep you energized for those fast sprints, motivated during a hill sequence and cruising through a set of tap backs. From Tiesto to Bon Jovi, we asked Flywheel Boston instructors to share the artists currently on the top of their playlists.  Get to know their music style and listen to their playlists now on spotify!

Ann Unger:

  • Pursuit of Happiness extended remix by Steve Aoki by Kid Cudi:  When the chorus kicks in, the energy in the stadium is electric. Nothing else compares. Almost every time I play it, I get people asking me to play it again next time!
  • Feel It by Three6Mafia vs Tiesto: Such. a. good. beat. Just feels good to hit the beat out in third position. And of course, those tap backs…
  • Higher featuring B.o.B by Classified:  Just a feel good song that is fun to jog it out in second or third.  This song makes you want to rock along to that beat!

My music style:
I love to play music that is super upbeat and makes me want to dance. I am known to play hip hop and rap (some TI, Birdman and DMX does the trick!) but I throw in a ton of ‘Top 40s’ that people recognize and feel good FLYing to. I also love remixes, in particular, White Panda. Listen to Ann’s latest playlist here (not featured on spotify – Black & Naw – White Panda, Roar the Brave Radio edit by MixmstrStel by Katy Perry,  Drunk in Love the Delirious & Alex K Mix by Beyonce feat. JayZ).

Jessica Latshaw:

  • Take Care, the Drake and Rihanna collaboration: Throwing Drake into a playlist is always a home run. I currently love riding to this song because it’s a sprint, but a bit melodic in the beginning. But then the build! It’s exhilarating. When Drake comes in, there’s this amazing percussive syncopation that makes me feel like moving is not only a necessity, but a great gift.
  • Let It Go by James Bay:  It’s a little more earthy and you hear the sound of real, acoustic instruments (rather than that typical synthetic 808 sound you get in a lot of spin classes). Picture a bunch of buddies outside around a fire with some guitars and a lot of heart. Just like Take Care, it’s also a sprint, and another thing I love is my connection to the lyrics. For me, challenging my body physically goes best when I let go of anything holding me back mentally. Doubts, fears, distraction–whatever; that 45 minutes on the bike is a time to let all of that go, so I love how the lyrics remind me to do just that.

My music style:
Eclectic. If you put my iPod on shuffle, you will hear anything from Kanye to The Civil Wars to Broadway show tunes to Amy Winehouse. I love surprising the rider’s ears with a heavy hip hop song paired right next to a Tony Bennett/Lady Gaga duet originally from 1937. Eminem preceding James Brown. A hot Beyonce/Jay-Z remix right next to a Bono/Sinatra duet with a walking bass line reminiscent of a bandstand and romance. To me, that keeps us all listening and guessing as to what is coming next, and I find that super fun. Listen to Jessica’s latest playlist here.

Christina Lodde: 

  • Satisfy by Nero: This song has the sickest drop and if it doesn’t make you want to sprint, I don’t know what will! The name of the song is Satisfy and it WILL.
  • Deeper by Ella Eyre:  This song is perfect for a climb and makes me want to I also love Ella’s voice and the soul dubstep fusion in this song. I think she is a songwriter to watch for future #FLYtunes.

My music style:
It typically depends on my mood. I love everything from hip hop, dance, rock, mashups and remixes of older songs from different decades. I started dancing when I was three-years-old, so moving my body to all different types of music has always been my passion. If a song can get my shoulders and hips rocking in the saddle, my fist banging on the handlebars, or powerfully influence my emotions, I welcome it on my playlist! Listen to Christina’s latest playlist here (not featured on spotify – It’s Not Unsual to Shake it Off – Taylor Swift remix).

Alex Baril: 

  • Birthday Cash Cash remix by Katy Perry: First and foremost, Katy is my girl and I love love love her music and personality. This song has one of my absolute favorite beats to CRUSH IT with. It’s also a very flirty song, I like that..
  • Affirmation by Savage Garden: The music mixed with the lyrics and one beautiful voice singing makes a sprightly and at times, a heavy jog. This song fills the body with the energy needed to go to fast speeds and grab new rushes you’ve never felt before.
  • ave A Nice Day by Bon Jovi: This song is the perfect final sprint, a rockin’ classic tune that has Bon Jovi’s raspy voice telling you to ignore anything and everything stopping you from getting what you want in life. We can do anything! The last 45 second race of this track is a phenomenal way to close out the ride.

My music style:
My music style is a little bit of all over the place. I love pumping the club beats, getting sweaty to some top 40, hip hop every once in a while, and I love to throw it back. Basically, once I find a song I like, I’m into it for life. Listen to Alex’s latest playlist here (not featured on spotify – Never Let You Go – Jakaranda).



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