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Two years ago, New Yorker Laurie Cobb took control over her body and her life, and found a new passion for fitness at Flywheel. Hundreds of classes and one FlyBarre Challenge later, she’s lost over 200 pounds, 17 inches, and gained the honor of our second annual Hall of Change inductee! 

Read Laurie’s full Flywheel story here.

A letter from our first Hall of Change winner, Nia Kelley:

Dear Laurie,
I was incredibly touched by your story of transformation, dedication, perseverance, and commitment. What an amazing feat to have lost almost 200 pounds in a healthy way! So many people will be inspired.

You are an amazing Flywheel ambassador, proven by your actions of telling people about Flywheel and FlyBarre, encouraging others to get active, and letting them know that they can write their own success stories. It only takes one class to get started! You’ve definitely inspired me to keep going as I have 40 more pounds to lose on my own journey. We all have setbacks and days we want to quit, but your story gives me the strength and motivation to keep moving forward and Never Coast! I hope to meet you one day, clip in next to you, and ride together in class.

Until that day, remain true to yourself, and keep shooting for the stars! How many people can say that they’ve lost weight, had the courage to try new things, completed three Fly Challenges, finished a Tough Mudder race, and will run in the New York City Marathon?! Hats off to you, Laurie!




BCA: Donna Russo’s Story
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we sat down with Donna Russo, New York City FLYer and brave breast cancer survivor. Here, she shares the inspiring story of how Flywheel didn’t just come to the rescue of a stale fitness routine, but continues to be the catalyst for stress relief, recovery, and overall wellbeing. Take notes.

Hall of Change: How Flywheel Changed Nia Kelley’s Life
Flywheel Plano felt like fate. I was discouraged about my weight after the stroke, but lucky for me, I received an email for the first Flywheel Challenge, from Oct 27 – Nov 22, 2014. The past several months have really been truly transformational. I have not only lost weight and inches, but I was recently cleared to lift weights, drive, and fly. I still have a ways to go, but it is consistent progress and I refuse to stop here! Read Nia’s story here.

As any FLY loyalist knows, stepping through our doors can create a domino effect of health and happiness that’s undeniably addicting. Here, riders and pulsers from around the country share how FLY has impacted their lives for the better. (Warning: you may shed a tear.)