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Couples Who FLY Together, Stay Together

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Ahhhh, love is in the air…or wait, is that some fun competition we sense? Flywheel riders and pulsers across the country often FLY with their significant others as way to spend some quality time together, but others do so to show their partner just who’s boss! From swapping partners (on the TorqBoard!), to pushing each other to their max RPM, we gathered #FLYLove stories from some of our favorite couples. Do you plan on turning up the torq…we mean heat, on Valentine’s Day?

Together since 2001

Our FLY Story: Jason and I had our first introduction to Flywheel in New York City. We had just had a baby and I found Flywheel to be an amazing way to lose the post-baby weight. We moved to Philadelphia in 2011, and were absolutely thrilled when Flywheel opened in Bryn Mawr. We’ve been regulars ever since—FLY is an absolute necessity for us!
When We FLY: With two young kids and demanding professional lives (Jason is a facial plastic surgeon and I am a lawyer), finding personal time can be a challenge. We  usually take turns going to Flywheel, and often fight over who gets to go to which instructor (Jess and Utley are our favorites!).  It is a rare treat when we actually get to FLY together, but when we do, we usually head to the Ardmore Farmers’ Market afterwards for a green smoothie. Even when we don’t get to go together, Flywheel is a bond we share. We love to hear about where each other placed on the TorqBoard, which friends we saw in class and how the playlists were. I admit it, there is no contest, Jason always wins!
Our Valentine’s Day Plan  Ironically, our friends who introduced us to Flywheel in New York City are coming to visit us Valentine’s Day weekend. We have dinner reservations at Vernick, a ski lesson scheduled for the kids, and of course, Flywheel reservations together!

LORI BETH MORRIS AND WILLIAM BRAKEBILL, FLYWHEEL ATLANTA                               Together since 2013, getting married September 2015
Our FLY Story: We were introduced to one another byl mutual friends, however, Flywheel Buckhead instructor Jeremy Levison was the real instigator! I had just started teaching FlyBarre in Buckhead and Jeremy’s Saturday class was part of my regular routine. It was part of William’s as well! On top of teaching FlyBarre six days as week (meet me at the barre for a Dawn Patrol pulse!),  I also work during the day as an attorney.  Sometimes William will meet me at 7 am in Midtown after I teach my first class, and we ride together. It’s a fun way to get the work day started and spend a little extra time together during the week.
Our Valentine’s Day Plan:  I’m sure all you New Yorkers will laugh at this next statement … but its been SO COLD in Atlanta! We’re heading to the beach in South Florida with my cousins for a few days to absorb some Vitamin D. We can’t wait!

Together since 1987

Our FLY Story:  Juantxo was always passionate about cycling.  He comes from a region of Spain – The Basque Country (Euskadi) – that is known for its love and devotion to cycling, as well as for its talented cyclists. His father, Eugenio, was also passionate about the sport and would always use cycling as a metaphor for life.  Ever since the early 1990’s, Miguel Indurain, reigning champion of the Tour de France, has been something of a hero for us. This past summer, Juantxo introduced me to Flywheel Scarsdale.  That first ride turned into a daily ritual that we look forward to sharing. I am always happiest when we go to Flywheel together because I love to have Juantxo pedaling at my side.  I would never dream of competing with Juantxo—instead, I let him inspire and encourage me. He is a very positive supporter of mine and loves the fact that I have taken such a keen interest in Flywheel. We love to start off our day with an early morning class, which gets us energized and motivated for the rest of our day. Following our class, we generally come home and prepare a recovery drink, followed by a healthy lunch. We love Flywheel Scarsdale!
NOTE from Juantxo: Although I regularly ride on the road, I find Flywheel classes to be excellent cardiovascular training sessions. The TorqBoard and the  instructors (thank you, Eve Bondareva and Victoria Forsini!) keep us motivated and honest with ourselves. By the end of the class, I feel I have pushed myself harder than if I had been by myself on my trainer or my rollers. Flywheel is an effective and fun complement to my regular training routine.
Our Valentine’s Day Plan:  We have tickets to see one of our favorite dance companies – New York City Ballet. Romeo and Juliet is on the program. Following the show we will have a late night Spanish dinner at one of our favorite Basque Restaurants in NYC.

Alison and Darren, married since 2009 and Jaime and Jared, together 8 years 

Our FLY Story:  There is nothing Darren and I love more than a workout that leaves us feeling like we gave every bit of strength that our bodies have to give. It only took a couple visits to Flywheel Millburn to realize this is the place for us. I instruct at SLT on Saturdays,  so after a morning of pushing my clients through their best workout, I am ready for mine! Saturday evenings at 4pm have become our perfect time! Tristin Tirico leads the class with amazing music and addicting energy. Once the babysitter arrives, we head to Flywheel, grab happy hour drinks and sushi with our best friends Jaime and Jared, and are home just in time to put the kids to bed and relax! When we race each other as a couple, the Power Score competition is steep!  Flywheel has truly become our family and we are honored to be featured on the “day of love” in a place that we love so much!
Our Valentine’s Day Plan:  We will actually be apart and will miss our Saturday ritual! I will be with the kids in Florida, riding a beach cruiser! We will pick up the following week and make up for our lost love ride!

Our FLY Story:  We’re both very active and love nothing more than getting the best workout possible—which is why we FLY!  We have been competitive about everything since we met, so give us anything that can give us bragging rights and we’re in. Jared saw how much I loved going to FLY and decided to give it a try. It wasn’t long before we were fighting for who got to go to which class or if we were springing for a babysitter! After my best friend Alison and I got our husbands hooked on Flywheel, we came up with “The Race.” We would swap partners, Me and Darren vs. Alison and Jared, and the best combined Power Points wins! Needless to say, it has upped our rides and intensity—the text message string between the four of us is nothing less than pure comedy.  That began our weekly date nights of highly competitive cycling followed by happy hour drinks. All of us work so hard during the week with our jobs and our kids, so I love that we created this tradition to FLY together and laugh at all the inappropriate moments in life.
Our Valentine’s Day Plan: Flywheel followed by home cooked meal and a good bottle of wine!

Together since 2004

Our FLY Story: We began flying as a fun alternative way to spend quality time together. Kevin’s job is demanding and he’s frequently on the road for work, while I am a full-time graduate student spending all hours (day and night!) studying!
When We FLY: We FLY together on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons. After each class we enjoy a healthy dinner together, whether out on the town or at home.  We are both quite competitive by nature but instead of comparing total Power Scores, we check our Flywheel dashboard to compare max Torq and RPMs!  Kevin’s total power may be higher, but my max Torq is never beat! We enjoy the healthy competition, awesome music, insane energy, and the people we are surrounded by. Nothing tops the feeling we experience after riding our hearts out for 45 minutes. Our daily lives have us spread in so many different directions and working out at Flywheel brings us back together and mentally where we really want to be. We have managed to strengthen our relationship while improving our overall health, and we have insane amounts of energy!
Our Valentine’s Day Plan: We will be enjoying some time on the slopes in Crested Butte, Colorado!

Married 11 years
Our FLY Story: We became regulars at Flywheel Charlotte in early 2013. The top-notch instructors, butt-kicking classes, online reservations, and the welcoming staff keep us coming back for weekly sweat sessions! We’re both triathletes, but at very different competition levels. Riding at Flywheel allows us to train together but at our own pace and intensity. Our workout times vary, so Brian is often FLYing in the mornings while I’m pulsing on my lunch hour, but we try to ride together at least once a week. An ideal Friday date night is taking a class together, picking up Italian, and enjoying a casual evening at home.  Our TorqBoard names, MrBuckeye and MrsBuckeye, are in honor of our hometown and favorite Ohio State teams!
Our Valentine’s Day Plan:  We would love to defend our title as Flywheel Charlotte’s “Power Couple,”  but I am recovering from ankle surgery, so this year’s holiday celebration includes tickets to see Phantom of the Opera and Harry Connick, Jr.

Together 10 years  
Our FLY Story: Throughout our relationship, we have tried different workout and diet regimens. We took our first Flywheel class in 2013, and were immediately hooked – even purchased memberships right away! We loved the positive energy while, at the same time, pushing our athleticism to the limits; a year later, we still exit each class breathless. The instructors are really the heart and soul of Flywheel – and a big part of why we keep coming back.
When We FLY: During the week, we both go to the studio directly from our respective offices.  We have begun adding FlyBarre classes to our weekly routine, and have found it to be the perfect complement to Flywheel. Booking a mat directly across from your spouse makes it much easier to make a face at each other when trying to hold a plank for the duration of a song (as long as you don’t laugh). Not only has FLY been the most effective stress-reliever and energy-inducer, but it’s allowed us to make great friends with many of our fellow riders and instructors. Since both of us travel for work on occasion, we have been able to try out different studios across the country: New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Dallas to name a few. Last December marked our one-year FLY-versary, and we’re excited to continue to NEVER COAST into 2015 and beyond!
Our Valentine’s Day Plan:  Flywheel, of course! Valentine’s Day lands on a Saturday this year, so we plan to start the day in the stadium with a 10:45 AM Power Hour with Candy. There’s no better way to kick-off the weekend (any day, really!). We are planning to have dinner followed by a movie that evening.

Together since 1994
Our FLY Story: We started Flying about a year ago and it has become a necessity. Besides having achieved health goals at Fly we have a blast in the classes and really enjoy seeing the friendly staff regularly. It’s a great thing getting to FLY on our own or together. After a weekend class, I usually suggest some healthy lunch spots, but then we always end up at Shake Shack!
Our Valentine’s Day Plan: Valentine’s Day will be a FLY ride, naturally, and dinner at a favorite Italian restaurant.

Together since 1988
Our FLY Story: We FLY to maintain our endurance for skiing (in the winter) and riding our road bikes together on the weekends in the spring and summer. We also both love to eat, so Flywheel Boston allows us to do that! In 2015 we plan to bike ride the B2VT ride, ride for Team Flywheel in the Pan Mass Challenge, as well as take a cycling vacation with friends across France in September.  We are Dawn Patrol regulars at the 5:30 am class, that way there are no excuses for missing a workout! We keep each other motivated, support one another when the alarm goes off (Boston winters, enough said!) and cheer each other on when we achieve personal or class bests. John almost always wins!
Our Valentine’s Day Plan: We will spend the day skiing in Stowe followed by a quiet dinner in front of the fireplace!

Together since 1985
Our FLY Story: Our workout routines are important to us. Flywheel gives us a chance to compete a little and also share a similar workout experience.  Post-FLY we either get brunch or see a movie—it’s great way to spend more of our day with one another! We do compete, but, in a friendly way. David is a little more intense and opts in for the TorqBoard, whiel I tend to compete more with myself!  (Though I’m not shy about letting David know when I’ve beat him!).   We’re hooked!
Our Valentine’s Day Plan: A FLY class and either a drive to Greenville to visit friends or a trip Florida to see friends and family.  In either case, we’ll be sharing a nice dinner to celebrate the 1st time David sent flowers way back in 1985!

Together since 2011, getting married October 2015
Our FLY Story: Sweat sessions at Flywheel Sunnyvale have been a great way for Doug and I to workout together. Due to scheduling conflicts, we used to workout separately during the week and together on weekends. Flywheel’s convenient class times allows us to workout together on both weekend and weekdays.  We think of our classes as date nights!  As a registered dietitian, I enjoy going home after class to cook healthy, home-cooked meals for us. One of our favorite post-Flywheel meals is a veggie or turkey burrito bowl topped with guacamole.  On our first Valentine’s Day together, Doug said that he has never had so many veggies in his diet than before he had met me!
Our Valentine’s Day Plan: We’re heading to Napa for some wine tasting and a nice dinner out.



Grab an apple or a banana post FLY! Here’s why.

“It’s now been close to a year and a half since our first Flywheel class. Neither of us had realized, despite comments from friends and family, the impact that the classes had on our bodies. Our FLY routine is more than just weighing less, or better fitting clothes. It’s also about feeling much stronger and a thousand times healthier.” Read Lauren and Alan Silver’s Flywheel Boston success story here.

“The reminder that there are greater rewards ahead coupled with a new strength and vitality from Flywheel helps me stay positive. I’ve woken up to life again and it is very much worth living.” Read Robert Hall’s amazing Flywheel Seattle story here.


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