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FLYGear in Full Bloom

By June 4, 2015 No Comments

These are not your grandmas florals! Our latest collection of FLYgear fuses classic, foliage prints with a little bit of edge, just in time for summer. Get your “bloom” fix with a side of metallics, 3D patterns and more. You’ll feel nothing short of inspired when you’re wearing leggings covered in fresh, eye-popping prints and braid-bank tanks with FLY mantras – all guaranteed to add a splash of fun to your next workout. Just like our riders and pulsers, these patterns may look pretty, but they certainly pack a punch. Take a look at the latest styles modeled by our Atlanta team, in the slideshow below.

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All photos shot by Cat and Zach Photography

Meet our models: Atlanta instructors Fred Smith, Katy Kellner and Marisa Vandergriff. FlyBarre instructors Cameron Armstrong, Lori Beth Morris and Cassie Cresta.



“Over the past year, I have lost close to 90 pounds. People tell me I look like a different person. I feel like a different person. Can a stationary bike in a dark room change your life? Definitely.” Meet Deb Denny and Jenna Terrell, our April rider and pulser the month, respectively. Read about how Deb and Jenna found Flywheel here.

What’s in SELF magazine beauty director and Flywheel rider Elaine D’Farley’s gym bag? See here.

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It’s been a year since I first started FLYing and aside from a scale victory (20 pounds down!), my legs are stronger, my endurance has improved tremendously and most importantly, the relationship I have with myself is overfilled with love. Read Elise Fletcher’s story here.


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