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FLYFUEL: Flywheel Atlanta Instructor Cara Weaver

By July 24, 2014 No Comments

Outside of teaching at Flywheel Atlanta, I am a Health Coach and Speaker and proud mother of two. I’m always on the go, always hungry, and most often surrounded by fast food, vending machines, or junk food at kid-friendly places. As a result, it’s important for me to prepare meals ahead of time so that I have healthy options at my fingertips wherever I am. My “must haves” are what I rely on daily to keep my health in check no matter how crazy the schedule gets. I call it all “Making Healthy Happen” and it just takes a little preparation, know-how, and regular practice.

Here are the many ways I “Make Healthy Happen”:

  1. My Vitamix: The best way to start the day? A green banana smoothie made in minutes with my vitamix. Inspired by the Atlanta local health food bar, DTOX, it’s an easy healthy breakfast on the go or post Flywheel fuel at any time of the day. Ingredients: One frozen banana, kale or spinach, almond or coconut milk, chia seeds and protein powder. (I use Sun Warrior, a vegan protein powder.)
  2. KIND Bars: My go-to meal replacement on a flight, in the car, at the zoo, and even at the movies!
  3. Living Raw Truffles: Simply amazing and I can’t live without them!
  4. My Spiralizer: Because it’s the coolest new kitchen gadget ever and it makes pasta dishes so much healthier! I am on a Zoodle (zucchini noodles) kick right now but you can make noodles from all kinds of alternative foods to pasta and have a great meal with less carbohydrates and more nutrients.

Making Healthy Happen tips:

  1. Prep For Success:  This is so important to do if you are on the go, busy all day, or travel.  After a long day I never feel like doing the prep work for a meal and this leads to another take out night and that adds up, both financially and calorically. I wash, cut, and store all of my fruits and vegetables immediately after I bring them home from the store. Whether they are diced, sliced, or spiralized they are ready to use quickly. Chicken breasts and boiled eggs are perfect to make in bulk for salad toppings and on the go protein giving you more “real food” options if you don’t like protein bars.
  2. “MHH” On the Road: If you travel a lot you should always have raw nuts or a healthy (less than 5 ingredient) bar in your bag. I also love to challenge clients who travel frequently to find a grocery store while on the road. I encourage them to grab salad, fresh fruit, hummus, vegetables and real food as their travel meal rather than the closest “healthy” fast food choice. Another great tip is to ask around for local fitness studios (like Flywheel!) that you can try while you are there before the meetings and entertaining dinners start. Try something new, there are always going to be yoga studios close by so do a quick Google search!
  3. MHH Dining Out:This is my favorite, I love to dine out and do it often but my rules are as follows: Play a game of choices so you can control how many calories and carbohydrates you consume in one sitting. Choose the bread basket OR the starchy side dish (ie. potatoes, pasta) OR the dessert. Order a salad and share an entrée or just order the entrée. A starter salad isn’t making your meal healthier if you are still consuming 1000 calories in your main entrée plus drinks, so just skip the salad if you want to eat that amazing meal.
  4. MHH with Kids: The rule at my house is to eat REAL food that makes you “big and strong” before sweets or treats like goldfish crackers, chips, or fruit snacks. And mama doesn’t get to pick at their plate even if they leave ALL of their warm salty crunchy fries just sitting there! I didn’t order it for me… I don’t eat it and that has to be strict because it adds up and it’s so easy to do. Ask yourself if you would do that to a friends lunch if he/she didn’t eat it all?

Follow me on instagram @CaraWeaver10 for much more MHH tips as I live this busy life in a healthy way. Come see me in Atlanta soon at Flywheel!