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FLYBride: FlyBarre Helped me Feel My Best on my Wedding Day

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My name is Jenn Stine. I’m a Southern California native who grew up in St. Louis and bounced between New York and Los Angeles after college pursuing my dream of working as a TV news producer. I recently got married in Santa Barbara and currently live in New York with my amazing husband. I couldn’t have imagined a better wedding day. I looked and felt my very best and I owe it all to FlyBarre’s FlyBride program!

What were you looking for when you first signed up for the FlyBride program?
I have always been a runner and am generally active, but I’ve never found anything that truly made my body lean and sculpted. When it came to getting in better shape for my wedding, I wanted to find a workout that would noticeably change my body. FlyBarre is a total body workout and I was completely hooked after my first class. I love that the FlyBride program allowed me to go as many classes as I wanted—which motivated me to push myself to get the most out of my membership.

As a TV producer with a busy schedule and as a bride planning a wedding, how did the FlyBride program fit into your routine?
I was definitely busy juggling work and wedding planning (especially because we had a destination wedding), but I found FlyBarre to be such a fun and challenging workout that I looked forward to going to classes everyday. Along with a cardio workout, FlyBarre became part of my daily routine. Chelsea Gentry Polanco, Hannah Bornstein and Brandon Goodman were such great coaches; they really motivated me to work hard and push my limits. It was really exciting to see my body change.

When did you start noticing changes in your body?
I started noticing my body changing almost immediately. I signed up for FlyBride about nine weeks before my wedding and within a week I could see a difference in how my body looked. By my wedding day I had shed 12 pounds, my arms and legs were leaner, my shoulders and core were stronger, and I was in the best shape of my life.

What else changed as a result of being a FlyBride?
To get the most out of FlyBarre I knew I had to make some dietary changes. My diet has always been fairly healthy, but I stepped it up a notch for my wedding. I cut out non-complex carbs (except on my weekly cheat day) and lowered my sugar and salt intake. FlyBride took the guesswork out of working out. I knew that each time I walked into the studio I would get an awesome workout and it was one less thing I had to worry about.

How long did you do the FlyBride program?
I have been doing the FlyBride program for almost six months and I still love every second of it. Yes, I no longer have a wedding to motivate me to look my best, but FlyBarre is a lifestyle change and I will always want to feel and look great for my husband and myself.

What were you most surprised at with FlyBarre and what keeps you coming back for more?
I was surprised at how fast my body was changing, but also surprised at how much I enjoyed going every day. The instructors are amazing; they are incredibly talented, motivating and really push you to succeed. The classes are a fun challenge because you never know what moves you’ll do that day. The studio is great and everyone in the classes I’ve taken are friendly, energetic and welcoming—which isn’t always the case in workout classes.

You said that “FlyBarre was the catalyst for making me feel my very best on my wedding day” – describe how you felt that day.
I felt absolutely amazing on my wedding day thanks in large part to FlyBarre. My body felt strong and lean, but still feminine and I had even more energy than I usually do. There were some target areas like my arms, shoulders, back and abs that I was really working hard on because my dress was a strapless ball gown.  As a result of FlyBarre, I toned all of those areas and my dress fit perfectly on my big day.


Jenn with FlyBarre instructor (and fellow new bride!) Chelsea. 

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