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Years ago, that little pound sign was a rarely used button on your phone (and let’s be real…its still is). But now, hashtags have become iconic symbols that connect you to the world – including your favorite instructors! From MartiParty, Britsbarre, Rennergy and more, we were curious to meet some of our favorite FLY social alter egos. Here’s what they mean, where they came from, and why they stuck. 

Ryan Makely, Flywheel Sunnyvale
My Social Alter Ego: #MAKELyMagic

What It Means to Me:I came up with the name because I always used to say "Let’s create some magic in here!" and if you take away the “LY” in my last name, its Make Magic. I decided that if I make it a thing, it would stick. And it did!

How I Hold Myself Accountable: I hold myself accountable everyday because I know how far I've come on my journey and how much more I have to grow. If I don't continue, Ill never know the endless possibilities.

What To Expect in My Class: A fun dance party! Yes, it is hard. Yes, you will sweat. Yes, you will hate me at moments but in the end, you’ll have a smile on your face.
Katy Kellner, Flywheel Buckhead
My Social Alter Ego: #ClubKaty

What It Means to Me:It means pure fun and being carefree for 45 minutes. I try to let my riders know my class is similar to a nightclub.

How I Came Up With It: When I very first started to teach, the CCs used to tell me it sounded like a nightclub every time I taught. Before class, they’d joke: “Can’t wait to hear what Katy is going to play in her club ride today!” It slowly turned into #ClubKaty and now I have tanks and t-shirts with my alter ego on them.How I Hold Myself Accountable: I remind myself that it’s only temporary, whether it’s that sprint that feels so tough in the moment or that workout I don’t want to start. Once you get through it, you feel so much better and accomplished.

What To Expect in My Class:It’s a tough and fun workout with lots of, “woo-hoos” from the riders.
Alicia Miller, Gold Coast/Old Town Chicago
My Social Alter Ego: #FLYLicia

What It Means to Me:It speaks to how much Flywheel means to me -- it has literally become part of my identity. One of my most beloved riders, Marissa Schiff, started calling me that and then Penny Cato, another favorite of mine, got me a water bottle with the name on it. That's when I realized it had stuck.

How I Hold Myself Accountable: I remind myself before every class that the riders, whether there are five or 48, are coming for an experience. I take a moment or two before the music starts to meditate with that in mind, and then I’m ready to give it my all.

What To Expect in My Class: 75 RPM in second position. That's such a specific move but I make sure to do it so that, over time, I can see development in the riders. It's very easy to see someone evolve in his or her Flywheel journey when one utilizes second position at a quicker RPM. It’s very telling.
Amy Segal, Flywheel Florida
My Social Alter Ego: #AMYSPINand #spinmoma

What It Means to Me:Sweaty fun, great mash-ups and mixes, and a party in the saddle! We sing, we sweat and we ride as a group. Working out is meant to be fun – not too serious or boring. It also means a “daily dose of therapy.”

How I Came Up With It: One of my riders made a shirt that said #spinmoma on it. Perhaps it’s because I am a mom to two boys, or that I’m a “Moma” to all my riders. Or both!

How I Hold Myself Accountable: I schedule my workouts every Sunday, the same way I would other appointments and commitments.

What To Expect in My Class: You can always expect a dance party on the bike. The music is always fresh, there are killer mash-ups and mixes that riders know and can sing along with. We ride as a team, and we start together and finish together. #AMYSPIN classes always fill up fast.
Marti Adams, Flywheel Atlanta
My Social Alter Ego: #Martiparty #Partypulse

What It Means to Me:I thought it was a fun mnemonic device and could help create a welcoming, energetic environment. I want riders to look forward to their workout and have fun while doing it!

How I Hold Myself Accountable: I schedule calendar appointments and set alerts -- whether it's running an errand or squeezing in a workout.

What To Expect in My Class:A party! A tough, sweaty party where you'll definitely get your butt kicked.
Thomas Renner, Flywheel Texas
My Social Alter Ego: Rennergy and #Rennergy

What It Means to Me:It means working out as a tool for greatness vs. a measure of greatness. We all want to be badasses 24/7, and it's important to give grace to your mind and body and use what you are given at any moment while realizing it's enough. Where you are right now is enough. Greatness is inside you. Express it!

How I Hold Myself Accountable: I visualize my goals as they've already happened and how it feels when I've achieved them. Visualization is extremely powerful.

What To Expect in My Class:High energy, lots of motivation, my signature humor, and hard work!
Elizabeth Hill, Flywheel Los Angeles
My Social Alter Ego: #RocknHill

What It Means to Me:I was inspired by other instructors and #RocknHill came to me when I opened my eyes one morning. It means a fun, challenging, fierce, energetic rock ‘n’ roll experience! We all have an inner rock star, and I want to create an environment where everyone can find theirs.

How I Hold Myself Accountable: I remind myself every morning that my job is to show up, be present and give all that I have, so that riders feel uplifted when they leave the stadium. I get into a mindset that whatever is going on in my life or someone else's, we'll leave everything else outside. A lot can change between the ears in those 45 minutes!

What To Expect in My Class:A challenging, fun ride, some head banging and fist pumping, and rock ‘n’ roll! Even though I favor throwbacks (they don't make ‘em like they used to!) I do my best to find the freshest tunes out there.
Brittany Franklin, FlyBarre NYC
My Social Alter Ego: #britsbarre

What It Means to Me:I loved the alliteration of the two words together and thought that it would be a fantastic social media handle when I started teaching FlyBarre. I had no idea how quickly it would catch on— now people outside of the virtual world refer to me as BritsBarre!

How I Hold Myself Accountable: If you are passionate about it, put it in writing. I write down my daily, weekly goals, and yearly goals to keep myself focused and motivated.

What To Expect in My Class:Pulsers can expect the most current music with driving electronic beats, to be pushed to their limit, to be supported in alignment and modifications, and a big Texas smile to encourage them through the difficult moments in class!
Alex Robinson, Flywheel DC
My Social Alter Ego: It’s less of an alter ego and more of a motto. My riders have come to know and love when I say: “Be cocky, be confident!” and “Show me your swagger!”

What It Means to Me:The message actually stemmed from something a good friend of mine said to me: “If you become insecure during any exercise, it can lead to problems in form and ultimately a loss of benefit.” Whether it’s your first ride or your thousandth, I want everyone to feel confident and encouraged to keep good form. Everyone’s swagger is different and I’m looking for people to show me theirs.

How I Hold Myself Accountable: It’s really important to practice what I preach. I always plan out my workouts in advance and have a strategy around what I want to achieve, like setting a goal for the TorqBoard. Making the commitment via social media and inviting friends to join in makes you extra accountable.

What To Expect in My Class: Plenty of tap backs, intervals and switching up the RPMs. My ride is also all about energy and variety -- I play music from all different eras and genres. I want riders to feel challenged and walk out smiling…with their butts kicked!



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