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Couples WHO FLY Together Stay Together

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Sure it’s Valentine’s Day, but here at Flywheel, we like to think that love is always in the air. To celebrate all of the couples who have meet in class, behind the desk or through mutual friends who FLY, we asked some of our riders and instructors to share their personal love stories. From engagements to long-standing relationships that have grown “stronger” in the stadium – or at the barre – it’s clear that those who FLY together, stay together.



Zachary proposed to Arielle in Miami, Florida this past December. 

“Zachary and I were introduced through mutual friends. It was love at first sight. We instantly bonded over our love and passion for exercise, specifically, indoor cycling. Going to Flywheel and even more recently, going to FlyBarre, became and still is apart of our Sunday routine. We keep each other motivated and inspire each other to reach our greatest potential. Exercise will always be a huge part of our lives and Flywheel has definitely played a role in bringing us closer together. Our plans for Valentine’s Day this year is to take it easy, order in some take out and watch a great movie.”

KARA BOCCHI AND SERGIE DEYCH: Teach at Flywheel in New York City


“Sergie and I found each other at the library in our school, and it took Sergei a few weeks (and a lot of seemingly obvious and awkwardly long stares from me), for him to realize that I was flirting with him. Many years later we’re partners and best friends.  After some amazing as well as challenging experiences, we look forward to everything that comes next.

Every year we celebrate Valentine’s Day in the mountains doing something we both love,—skiing! This Valentine’s Day is special because we are able to share something else we love, which is instructing our classes at Flywheel. When one of us isn’t teaching we try to make sure to find the time to hop into the others class. Fitness has always been a shared passion between the two of us, and Flywheel has allowed us to not only deepen this devotion in our relationship, but also to celebrate it with our riders. We ran our first marathon together this past November, and plan to do it again next year!”

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ILSE AND STEPHEN WERTHER: Fly together at Flywheel TriBeCa
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“Stephen and I have been married for 15 years and have two children, Anna 14 and Stella 12. We’ve lived in TriBeCa for about 17 years now and work together in our offices on Hubert Street in TriBeCa—so the new Flywheel TriBeCa location is perfect for us! Nine years ago, we opened the New York City retail boutique, WiNK in SOHO and have since expanded to the Upper East Side, Upper West Side and the West Village. As well as owning WiNK, Stephen also is the owner of an art gallery and event space called Bleecker Street Arts Club in the West Village. His newest project is a partnership with Chef Anthony Bourdain to create a World Food Market.

As you can see, we are very busy people! I have always worked out at various classes in the city and I love to mix things up. Stephen had always enjoyed running and working out with weights, but never did group fitness classes. When Flywheel opened on our block we were so excited—after just a few classes, Stephen was addicted! He loves the energy, the efficient workout, the way it makes him feel and the convenience. I’m  excited that we can finally do a class together that we both enjoy! It’s fun to talk about our numbers and try to beat our previous numbers each time. We have enjoyed pushing each other.

We try to go to classes together as much as possible, but we have to break it up so that we can get the kids ready for school in the morning. We always do classes together on the weekend. It is a lot of fun!”



“I credit Flywheel for many life-changing moments, however nothing can ever top my introduction and engagement to Meghan. Of course, I was never openly looking for a relationship, especially at work, but when quality presents itself, you don’t bat an eyelash to jump at the opportunity!

“At the beginning, Meghan was simply another pretty face in a crowd of riders and worked for lululemon. As I continued to see her in class and after several meetings with her, I couldn’t deny my attraction to her confidence and leadership qualities. She was exactly what I asked the universe to send my way. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I asked her if I could get to know her better and the rest is history. A year later, I asked her to marry me at the end of a Flywheel class attended by her friends, our staff and both of our families. It was a day we will never forget. Flywheel has changed our lives. Happy Valentine’s Day Meghan! I love you with everything that I have!”

“Tommy and I met when I came to Flywheel for the first time when South Lake Union opened in April 2012.  I was working for lululemon and brought a big group of loud girls in with me. Flywheel and lululemon started working together as I was pursuing him for an ambassador (at this time that is all):).

We started to build a relationship through work, however there was always this nagging feeling in the back of my mind. I soon realized I had a little crush on him. He then called me and asked if he could get to know me better (his way of acting smooth and asking me out).  I went to his classes as much as I could (because he is a rockstar instructor) and it the rest is history. Fast forward a little over a year to June 2013— I was taking class with many of my current Flywheel coworkers, and past lululemon coworkers and on the last song, in walks Tommy with ‘Marry you’ by Bruno Mars blasting in the background. He kneeled down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

A true Flywheel Love Story. It is a pleasure being able to share my love for fitness— Flywheel—with my partner in crime (I mean life) ;).”

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