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Chicago Juice Shop Creates the FLYGIRL Smoothie

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At 34 years-old, Jon Schiff quit his high pressure finance job in NYC and moved to an organic farm in rural Illinois, trading suits and conference calls for baling hay and tilling the fields.  He was focused on learning how to create a natural and delicious product and environment that embraced a healthy, active lifestyle. After his hands-on experience on the fields, he opened up  Real Good Juice Company, a cold pressed juice restaurant located down the block from the Old Town, Chicago Flywheel studio.  Soon they began to notice sweaty customers frequently entering their shop fresh from class at Flywheel. This inspired the creation of the FLYGirl Smoothie- what we believe to be the perfect post-FLY recovery drink.  But don’t just take our word for it, read on about the FLYGirl smoothie and see how the ingredients replenish the body post-FLY, and learn how to make healthy eating choices throughout the holidays from Real Good Juice’s in-house Registered Dietician, Laura Oliver.


What makes Flywheel and Good Juice Shop the perfect combination? 
Flywheel and FlyBarre are amazing workouts, both of which complete half the formula to live an active and healthy life. We believe the other half involves eating real foods and focusing on a diverse non-gmo diet.

What makes the FLYGIRL perfect for a pre or post-FLY drink?
The FLYGirl smoothie is packed with 19 grams of vegan protein and healthy carbs. The coconut water makes it extremely hydrating, which is extremely important after an intense Flywheel class. It’s the perfect blend for a post-FLY workout.

Why are the ingredients in the FLYGIRL smoothie good for you?

  • KALE… Is high in immunity-boosting antioxidants and aids in eye health. It’s also packed with iron and calcium.
  • BANANA… Is high in potassium and a good source of healthy carbohydrates. The fiber found in bananas helps your body slowly absorb and utilize carbohydrates while your muscles are recovering.
  • AVOCADO… Is a healthy source of good fats which reduce inflammation in your body and aid in brain function.
  • APPLE CIDER… Has been shown to aid in weight loss, blood sugar control and digestion.
  • COCONUT WATER… Is a natural source of electrolytes, keeping you hydrated and balanced.
  • GOLDEN BERRIES… Are a nutritional powerhouse! They are packed with fiber which aids in digestion as well as antioxidants which strengthen your immune system.
  • BROWN RICE PROTEIN… Is a vegan and gluten-free source of protein which helps build muscles post-workout.

Holiday Nutrition Tips from Laura Oliver MS, RD, LDN
We’re in the midst of the holiday season—one of the most difficult times of year to stay healthy. Foods high in refined sugar and saturated fat are constantly within arms reach. With a few simple changes, you can conquer the holiday season without adding inches to your waistline.

Keep it natural: When planning your meals, the majority of your plate should be fruit and vegetables. They are high in water, fiber, vitamins and minerals, you really cannot go wrong. Remember, fresh is always better than canned!

Drink smart: Consuming high calorie beverages once in a while is fine, but don’t go crazy. Traditions, like eggnog and processed apple cider, are empty calories with minimal nutrition. As a rule of thumb, make sure any high-calorie beverages you drink are packed with nutrition (i.e. FLYGIRL… ahem!).

Move your body: Exercising does not have to be boring! Try a new exercise class or go dancing with your friends. Find whatever works for you and be consistent with it.

Eating healthy and being fit does not mean you have to deprive yourself.  Just be reasonable. Listen to your body. If you are feeling sluggish or having digestive issues, make a few changes and see how your body adjusts. There’s no better time than the present to start living a healthy lifestyle!



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