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Celebrating our FLY Mama's This Mothers Day

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This weekend, we celebrate the women in our lives who truly “do it all.” In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked FLY mamas and moms-to-be from all across the country to share their honest truths – from how they maintained their hard-earned physiques to the ways they stayed motivated to FLY (for two!) pre and post-baby. Whether you can relate to these women or you’re looking for a little inspiration, you’ll be amazed by the strength of these beautiful moms. We can’t help but gush at the photos of their FLY babes too! Read on.

Leah Wyar, Flywheel NYC
I rode at least twice a week until I was about eight months along. I delivered my son three weeks early so that means I really rode until the end!

What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: Flying while pregnant kept me strong—both physically and mentally. I knew that I was about to go through the most physically taxing thing that I had yet to experience. Flywheel helped me train for that moment! During the hardest parts of labor, I was reminded of the strength I knew I had. It was as though I could hear Jesse Alexander and Holly Rilinger’s voices cheering me on! When you workout hard, especially while pregnant, you know how to channel your inner athlete and warrior—which, at times during labor, you desperately need.

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: I couldn’t workout for six weeks postpartum, but when I finally went back to FLY, I felt like I was home! I remember Jesse coming over to me mid-class to welcome me back. He made me feel so comfortable and confident—not like I had gained 40 pounds! He kept checking on me throughout class to make sure I was doing okay, too. Bouncing back postpartum has been a challenge, and regaining my strength and endurance hasn’t been easy, but the encouragement from FLY has kept me going. I owe a lot of my healthy pregnancy to Flywheel!
Nikki DeMartinis, Flywheel Boca
I did Flywheel five times a week during my entire pregnancy up until the week before I gave birth. I also did FlyBarre up until my ninth month.

What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: I felt great and had a wonderful healthy pregnancy! This was my third pregnancy. I was 25 and 26 when I had my first two boys, I am now 38 and thanks to FLY, I feel amazing.

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: Flywheel is what makes me feel like me again. I was back in the saddle after six weeks, and was able to lose the 35 pounds I gained during pregnancy. My son is now three-and-a-half-months -old. With a 12 and 13-year-old and a new baby at home, Flywheel is my place to regroup. I get to then go home, and be a better mom and wife to all my boys.
Brynn Wexler, Flywheel Larchmont
I took class three to five times a week up until four weeks before I gave birth. I would have kept going but was on doctor’s orders to rest!

What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: I think it's important to note that I have never been what some might call a "fit girl," nor was I someone exercise has come naturally to. Once I started FLYing, my feelings about exercise totally changed. I'm physically and mentally stronger than ever and when I became pregnant, I knew that as long as my baby was healthy, the bike was one of the best things for us both. For all these reasons, my proudest FLY moment was when I was about seven months along and two moms approached me after class and said that I was their hero! I thought, "What?! Wow! Me?!" To be anyone's exercise hero felt almost unachievable. But to these two lovely moms I was, and that was the most meaningful compliment I have ever received. Bottom line is, if I can do it, anyone can. My labor and delivery was a positive and relatively short experience. I even joked in the delivery room that a Fly instructor and a little music would have been super motivating during all the pushing!

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: I feel powerful! I returned to Flywheel six weeks after giving birth to my son, Jonah Uliel and even Powered Up that first month back!
Kelly Henderson, Flywheel Alpharetta Studio Manager
My goal was to take three FlyBarre and two to three Flywheel classes a week!

What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: My baby! I knew by having a healthy and fit pregnancy I would be ensuring a healthy start to my son’s life. When we opened the Alpharetta studio on October 30th, I only had one week until my son was due. I took my last pre-baby classes during our grand opening weekend, still feeling amazing. I credit my Flywheel and FlyBarre classes for providing me with the energy required to continue working. Pace Andrew Henderson was born on his due date November 8th, perfectly healthy and strong.

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: Don't tell my doctors, but I hit the barre three weeks post-delivery. I couldn't wait to strengthen my muscles again! I waited a little longer to get back on the bike, and felt great once I did. What's more important than being healthy to enjoy my time with my husband and son?
Tina Walha, Flywheel Seattle
I was pulsing three to four times a week throughout my pregnancy.

What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: Aside from the amazing instructors, the Raise the Barre program became both motivating and addicting. I raised the barre throughout most of my pregnancy and it was so rewarding to jus show up and push myself.

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: Folks told me that keeping up with Fly classes would help me during labor and they were so right. Post-pregnancy, I took some time to recover before I returned to the studio. It's certainly been humbling to return after being away for a couple months, but I look forward to getting back into my regular routine with the help of the incredible Seattle instructors and my fellow FLY Mamas!
Sarah Kenny, Flywheel Charlotte
I cycled two times a week and took FlyBarre four times a week up until week 34. Starting at week 34, I had to stop cycling but I'm still doing FlyBarre three to four times a week!

What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: This is my first pregnancy and I am determined to do what's best for my baby and me until the day she arrives. Even on days when I am exhausted, there’s something about the class, the music, and the energy and encouragement from instructors that can't be beat. Each instructor offers advice on the best way to modify a certain move so that I still get the most out of my workout. I've gotten many compliments throughout my pregnancy on how healthy I look and I owe it all to Flywheel. Every time I visit my doctor, I ask her if I can continue with my classes and during my 34-week appointment, she said, "I want you at Flywheel up until the day you deliver. When it comes to your labor and delivery, you have NO idea how big of a favor you are doing yourself by doing these workouts."

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: My due date is May 22nd and I hope to come back as soon as my doctor approves it!
Sabrina Harrison, Flywheel Texas
Flywheel helped me feel better, held me accountable and gave me motivation to be a fit mom. I was committed to giving that one hour a day to myself!

What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: I have always appreciated and enjoyed the effects of exercise. With my first pregnancy, I had heard so many horror stories of mothers who could not lose their baby weight. Honestly, I was terrified that I would lose my body shape forever. FLYing gave me extra energy, stamina, endurance and the physical training necessary to have a beautiful, healthy pregnancy. I felt I was getting stronger in my back and core areas, which is crucial to a healthy pregnancy. I’m proud to say I was able to FLY all the way up until the birth of my baby boy. Focusing on your health and fitness is a mindset, and, working out throughout my pregnancy gave me the courage and discipline I needed to get right back into my fitness routine after baby arrived

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: I am now on my second pregnancy. I had an amazing first pregnancy and an easy delivery. My doctors praised me for keeping my body strong and healthy for the baby. I now tell every mom-to-be that staying active during pregnancy is the best preparation for the hard work that lies ahead. Your body and your baby will thank you for it! I live to be the best mom I can be, but I now know that’s only possible when I take care of myself first! My goal is to be at Flywheel the morning I deliver my baby girl, just as I was with my baby boy 21 months ago. I only have six weeks to go! Flywheel Mamas rock!
Martha Runkle, Flywheel Charlotte
My goal was to take FlyBarre four to five times a week and throw in a Flywheel class for cardio two times a week. I was able to maintain this routine up until 35 weeks.

What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: The amazing instructors! Seeing Carrie Kaschak and Jen Defresne continue to teach, while not skipping a beat during their pregnancies, gave me so much encouragement to keep up with my exercise routine. I knew I had to listen to my body, so there were definitely days when I knew I needed to rest, but for the most part I maintained a healthy and active lifestyle.

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: I delivered on April 3rd and the first week was mostly learning to adjust to life with a newborn and trying to rest and recover. I was really surprised at how quickly I started to feel like my pre-pregnancy self again! I started going on regular walks with my baby eight days after delivery. It has now been three weeks since delivery and I'm planning to return to FlyBarre as soon as I can!
Whitney Friedlander, Flywheel Larchmont
I took about two to three classes a week while I was pregnant. My last class was four days before I delivered!

What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: It was important to me that I remain in good health. This wasn't just because of the body image thing (I'm actually a journalist and I wrote about that in the Los Angeles Times,) but because I'd read that it would help with labor and that exercising during pregnancy would increase my baby's brain activities (read: smarter babies). I did wear a heart-rate monitor during classes, though, to monitor my output.

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: To be honest, my shoulders and neck are kind of out of whack, post-pregnancy. I try to take FlyBarre when I can (and I go to the chiropractor, of course). But I'm back and FLYing about twice a week!
Marie Gentle, Flywheel Miami Beach Instructor
FLYing not only helped get me into the best shape of my life for my wedding day, but it also made my pregnancy tremendously easier.

What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: Fitness has always been a big part of my life and when I found out I was pregnant, I was determined to continue to work out in the safest ways possible. I decided to give FlyBarre a try and was instantly hooked! The 45 minutes I spent in that room, sweating, losing myself in the music, and concentrating on my form was the only time I was able to distract myself from all of the morning sickness. Every week, I would embrace the burn in that room and then happily make my way to the Flywheel stadium. Flywheel Miami Beach became my second home, the only place I felt really good and strong. Every week became a little harder with my baby bump growing, but the instructors, staff, and fellow members were so encouraging that I never gave up. Sciatica, swelling, and nausea didn’t stop me from getting my 2500 Power Up shirt every month. I even made it to the 300 Club at eight months along!

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: Luckily, my delivery and recovery was a breeze! As soon as I received clearance from my doctor to ride again, I made my way back to Flywheel. I was able to lose the 30 pounds of baby weight in just three months! I truly believe in the benefits of working out during pregnancy, not only for mommy, but for baby as well! I was so passionate about the Flywheel method that I became an instructor myself. I know first-hand the good it does for a person’s mental and physical health. I wanted to make others feel invincible as the instructors did for me.
Lauren Weiner, Flywheel Chicago
I began my Flywheel journey in 2007 when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. At the time, I was one of the few pregnant women in class and as my belly grew, everyone was mystified by how I could still be there.

What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: Flying while pregnant gave me energy and a state of well-being. Each week, I looked forward to MY 45 minutes of happiness. I found that the classes, and the inspiring instructors, helped with morning sickness and even the Chicago winter blues!

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: Now nine weeks post partum, I'm happy to be back on the saddle!
Jennifer Zellner, Flywheel Atlanta
Flywheel was and still is so influential in how I live my life. It was very much so during my pregnancy and the birth of my little boy!

What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: FLYing positively impacted my mind, body and soul. I hoped that keeping it up during my pregnancy would allow for me to maintain my healthy lifestyle - and to carry on these vital traits to my baby boy. Riding during pregnancy kept nausea, raised blood pressure, swelling, and stretch marks at bay. It also helped balance my healthy weight gain, and ultimately bounce back quickly.

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: I was back in the saddle six weeks after giving birth! My OBGYN said that Flywheel attributed a great deal to the health of my pregnancy and my son. I hope that other mommies can experience FLY while pregnant and post-baby!
Dayna Benn, Flywheel Philly
I went to class around two to three times a week and I was able to maintain that pace the entire duration of my pregnancy. I even took a class with Hayley the week I was due!

What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: I had a fantastic experience cycling at Flywheel during my pregnancy. Not only did it help me feel great physically, but I would also feel my mood lift substantially after every class. I cannot credit the endorphins alone for this - the instructors and the fellow riders were so encouraging and supportive during my rides that I felt great just being there. Hayley and Jess were always cheering me on and making me feel like I was doing something wonderful for my baby and myself by working out while I was pregnant. I cannot tell you the number of times fellow riders would come up to me before and after a class (especially during my last month) and let me know they thought it was amazing that I was there. Additionally, there were a few other pregnant moms in my classes, sparking a special camaraderie with one another.

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: I had a rather long labor that resulted in a C-Section, but I bounced right back just a day after the surgery. I believe that remaining physically fit during my pregnancy enabled me to have such a speedy recovery. Two months after giving birth I returned to Flywheel!
Jaimie Bailey, Flywheel NYC Instructor
I taught class 6 days a week and would usually ride in the class after mine a few times a week as well as the day I had off.

What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: FLYing during pregnancy was one of the few things that kept me feeling strong both mentally and physically. Being in the stadium with the energy of other riders and the music just felt way better than sitting still! I didn't believe it until going through it but it truly did make child birth easier! My doctor was floored at the delivery speed!

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: I never thought I would feel as good as I do post- pregnancy. I whole heartedly believe that due to being so active during the pregnancy left me feeling even stronger now riding and working out than I was before!
Colleen Newland, Flywheel Boca
I took five Flywheel classes and three FlyBarre classes every week throughout my pregnancy!

What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: As much of a blessing being pregnant is, it comes with some challenges--primarily weight gain and fatigue. Coming to Flywheel everyday helped me manage my weight gain and gave me a boost of energy and mobility. I knew it would also make delivery and postpartum weight loss that much easier. Flywheel kept me feeling human as my pregnancy progressed.

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: My son Smith Jeffrey Newland arrived a few weeks earlier than his due date - could it be he was ready to FLY?! He is a healthy, energetic boy and we’re both doing great thanks to Flywheel.
Carrie Kaschak, FlyBarre Charlotte Master Instructor
I taught 12 classes a week during my entire pregnancy. I taught two classes the day I delivered!

What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: Knowing that being a healthy and fit mother would benefit my baby kept me going. Sweating everyday also made me feel so much better—even during the dreaded first trimester nausea. I was able to do core work throughout my entire pregnancy, which has helped with recovery and getting back in shape!

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: I took a few weeks off and when I returned to working out, it made me feel strong, capable and like I was back to my old self again.
Avery Green, Flywheel Philly
Avery lost her baby weight after her first child was born at Flywheel Center City. Now, she is riding two times a week in preparation for the birth of her second child.

What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: I want to stay in shape during my pregnancy, which will hopefully help me bounce back quickly after my second baby is born. When I FLY, I feel like I have more energy to run after my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter. Chasing after her while pregnant can be exhausting, so I’ll take any edge that I can get!

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: A few months after the birth of my first child, Flywheel Center City opened and I went religiously two times per week, quickly bouncing back to my pre-baby weight. I 100% owe this quick transformation to Flywheel. I’m sure I will feel the same way post baby number two!
Jessica Latshaw, Flywheel & FlyBarre Boston Instructor
I taught anywhere from 6-12 Flywheel and FlyBarre classes per week, depending on the week!

What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: Exercise was the best thing to combat my nausea in the first trimester and my exhaustion in the second and third. Honestly, riding a Flywheel bike was one of the few times my body felt "normal," despite the changes pregnancy had brought on. Also, the endorphins sure boosted my mood! And I'm pretty sure riding so frequently throughout my pregnancy has helped me get back to the body I'm more used to.

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: My first class back was about eight weeks postpartum, and I was reminded of two things: cycling is challenging and that I’m up for the challenge! Being back in the saddle has been great physically and mentally - a little escape is needed during this huge, wondering and consuming transition into motherhood.
Alison Mitchell, Flywheel Seattle
Alison was number one on the TorqBoard the day she went into labor with her first child. She was back in the saddle for baby #2 and added some pulsing as well.

What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: After FLYing throughout my entire first pregnancy and seeing the benefits through labor, recovery, and my son's early athletic development, I knew I wanted to remain just as active through my next pregnancy. I added in FlyBarre the second time around and it helped me maintain my upper and core strength. Instructors Alex Sweeney and Emily Sferra also kept me motivated and supported me the whole way! They had a friendly duel going of who was going to get my water to break in class!

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: I was back at Fly after eight days of recovery and am back up at the top of the TorqBoard! I've already lost 22 of the 27 pounds gained after three weeks!
Sharna Liggett , Flywheel Philly
What Kept Me Motivated to FLY: Not only did I want to stay in shape, I wanted to manage weight gain, feel energized throughout my pregnancy, and spend time with my non-pregnant friends. I was even at Flywheel the day before I delivered and the kind staff gave me a bag of goodies with a baby onesie and Flywheel gear for me. It was so generous — and it definitely kept me motivated to come back post-baby!

How I Feel Post-Pregnancy: I feel phenomenal since giving birth. I have been back at Flywheel, playing tennis and doing some core classes as well. It definitely helps with the baby weight and overall energy!



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