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6 Sunscreens That Will Stand Up to Your Sweatiest Workouts

Newsflash: You need to wear sunscreen all day, every day. That non-negotiable skincare rule is especially important during your outdoor summer workouts. Still, no one wants sunscreen dripping into (and stinging) their eyes during a long run or intense beach volleyball game, so we’ve rounded up six options that will stay in place—and keep you protected from the sun—no matter how sweaty you get. Plus, that also means you can use any of these bad boys before you hit the studio, without ever having to worry about them coming off while you ride or pulse. Check out our favorite sweatproof ray bans below.

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5 Ways to Avoid Summer Breakouts

The list of things we love about summer is endless, but the one thing most definitely NOT on that list? Pesky pimples. High temps plus high humidity equal more sweat….which equals way more breakouts on both your face and body. Happily, with the right tips and product picks, you can easily stay blemish-free—from head to toe— all season long.

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