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Whether you’re spending July 4th in front of a grill or relaxing with your toes in the sand, a patriotic playlist is a must. Instructors from LA, Charlotte, Chicago and more to share their Independence Day-inspired playlists. These FLYtunes are perfect for any festivity this weekend. Check them out below and download your favorite songs now! Happy 4th!

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SUMMER FLYTUNES: Southern Rock, J.Lo vs Mariah and More!


This week’s FLYtunes include some interesting combinations: everything from J.Lo vs Mariah (are you team “Jenny from the Block” or “Fantasy”?),  to theme songs from the latest hits on both television and film.  Flywheel instructors pride themselves on their playlists which are creatively selected and hand-crafted in order to push you past your limits and keep you coming back for more. Stream their FLYtunes concoctions below!

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SUMMER FLYTUNES: Pop Icons, Jay Z vs Beyonce and More


From Seattle to Boston, we have some awesome beats for you this #FLYtunes Friday! Straight from the most recent theme rides and pulses, our instructors created fun and inspirational playlists to get your heart pumping. Between a face-off with our favorite musical couple, Jay Z and Beyonce, to an International Fly ride featuring artists from around the globe, these classic and recent hits will help push you past your #FLYgoals. Get ready to #nevercoast with these stimulating playlists:

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Summer FLYTunes: Pride Week, Country Jams and More


We all know the driving force behind any Flywheel or FlyBarre class is a good playlist, but did you know that each instructor takes great pride in curating theirs to motivate you? This week, we had some awesome themed classes with even more awesome song curations. From celebrating Pride Week in West Hollywood to pulsing to the top Country Jams in Alpharetta, Fly Instructors have carefully chosen the best of the best to help drive you to your FlyGoals. Take a look at who we’ve featured below:

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FLY Into Summer – Memorial Day #FLYTUNES


This weekend is the official kick off to bathing suit season and what better way to stay motivated than with a new heart-pumping playlist? From the bike and the mat, to your next BBQ or beach day, these instructor FLYTunes will get you in the mood to move. We’ll be highlighting instructors and their go-to beats all season long so you can get to know their music style and listen their supercharged playlists. Check them out here:   

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2015 Grammy’s FLYTunes Playlist


Music’s Biggest Night is this Sunday, so naturally we hopped at the chance to FLY to the most popular songs of 2014 (check out our instructors favorite tunes of the year here!). Flywheel Texas instructor Meghan Bursey shares her Grammy’s inspired #FLYtunes playlist, a compilation of her favorite tracks from this year’s nominees. This is sure to be an award-winning ride!

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FLYTUNES: The Best Songs To Sweat To in 2014


We all know that our favorite chart-toppers can have us sprinting out of the saddle in third position or reaching for that heavier set of weights during Dynamic Arms. So, we thought, what better way to wrap up 2014 than with a compilation of this year’s hottest #FLYtunes from our instructors? From Steve Aoki to Coldplay, check out this list of the top workout songs that kept us motivated in the stadium and on the mat all year long.

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Flytunes: Boston’s Finest Playlists


Fact: A great playlist can push you to the max during your sweat session, so it’s imperative to have tunes that will get you amped to reach your goal, or exceed it! Luckily Flywheel instructors have a knack for curating playlists that will pump you up – whether it’s 6 am or your boss totally got on your last nerve (we’ve all been there). The rhythm of the beats and inspirational lyrics keep you energized for those fast sprints, motivated during a hill sequence and cruising through a set of tap backs. From Tiesto to Bon Jovi, we asked Flywheel Boston instructors to share the artists currently on the top of their playlists.  Get to know their music style and listen to their playlists now on spotify!
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