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The controversy over carbohydrates seems to have lasted as long as that steep hill in our hour-long Flywheel class. We’re exhausted and wondering when it’s going to end. While our 60 minute class does have a rewarding finish, the back-and-forth over carbs continues to drag on. There are so many mixed messages and misconceptions out there. So, we turned to an expert to find out if carbs truly are the healthy eater’s enemy or if they are essential for any diet. Ellie Krieger, a nutritionist, author and host of Healthy Appetite on The Food Network weighed in. Continue Reading

FLY FUEL: Flywheel Chicago Instructor Kimberly Olson

Kimberly Olson is an accounting and finance professional by day and Flywheel instructor by night (and weekends…and early mornings!). Because her job requires her to sit at a desk for hours at a time, she makes sure to get as much activity as she can before and after work. When she’s not on the instructor bike at Flywheel, she’s walking a mile to and from her office or walking up and down the eleven flights of stairs in her office building. “It takes a lot of effort to stay fit and juggle a full time job, but all of the fabulous instructors at Flywheel make it fun and easy to stay motivated,” says Kimberly. Wondering how she fuels her body to stay energized throughout the day? Here are some of the foods she typically eats to keep her going from morning to night: Continue Reading

Get Spicy: 5 Healthy Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Good news for those who enjoy a little spice on Cinco de Mayo—foods with an added kick are known to speed up your metabolism and in turn, help you burn more calories. New York based nutritionist Arielle Fierman explains that spicy foods not only help burn fat and speed up digestion, but according to studies, they increase metabolic rate by 20 percent for approximately 30 minutes after consumption. They also kill bacteria in your digestive system which prevents colds and viruses. Continue Reading



We’ve already emphasized the importance of staying fueled and hydrated pre and post workout and now we’ve got some snack inspiration to help you power up!

Emily Rothrock has a packed schedule – not only is she our Philadelphia Marketing Coordinator, she also teaches at our Flywheel Bryn Mawr and Center City studios. We asked Emily how she stays energized whether she’s in the saddle or tackling her inbox, she quickly offered up her five go-tos: Continue Reading

A Registered Dietician Weighs In On The Importance of Hydration


If you want to Fly with the best of them, staying hydrated is essential to getting the most out of your workout. With Flyers burning anywhere from 500 to 800 calories per class, it’s vital to properly prep your body—and replenish with vital liquids and nutrients afterwards.  As we exercise, we sweat, and as we sweat our body loses fluids, causing dehydration. High-cardio classes like Flywheel also deplete the body of electrolytes like sodium and potassium, ultimately affecting pH balance and muscle function. So what’s a Flyer to do?

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10 Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

Do you know that on Super Bowl Sunday the average American consumes more calories—about 2,000 alone on snacks— than on any other day of the year, with the exception of Thanksgiving? We’re not looking to be all negative here, but that’s A LOT of Flywheel and FlyBarre classes! If you’re looking to enjoy the game and indulge a little, take a look at these healthy versions for your favorite game-time eats—from wings and nachos to popcorn, chips and dips. Pick your favorites and feel free to reach for seconds without the added guilt.

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