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Kale Yeah! Why This New Ice Cream is the Ultimate Healthy Summer Treat

While hitting a pint of Chunky Monkey sounds like a delicious way to cool off as the mercury rises, it’s bananas for the health-conscious among us. Want to scoop smarter? Enter Kale Cookie + Cream ice cream, the brainchild of famous NYC vegan café by Chloe. Now, if you’re thinking that kale is better suited for the salad bowl instead of the ice cream scooper, we’re here to say that the green giant makes for one perfect summer treat.

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Meet Your Matcha: The It Drink You Need To Try

What exactly is matcha? More than just the buzzy drink clasped in the hands of countless wellness experts, matcha is a finely ground powder made from the highest quality green tea leaves with a rich and storied history. Apart from having its own emoji, matcha also boasts a long list of health benefits that can transform the way you look and feel. We sat down with Michelle Gardner, co-owner of the hip West Village cafe and restaurant Chalait, to discuss what makes matcha so special–and why you may want to consider swapping out your morning cappuccino for this green powerhouse.

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Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 4.23.13 PM

Tequila gets all the love on Cinco de Mayo (and for good reason!) but it’s important to honor another May 5th palate-pleaser and fiesta favorite: guacamole. This year, why not spice things up with a festive and healthy spin? After all, there’s no need to forfeit your wellness cred just because you’re throwing a party. From guac-kale-mole to pomegranate guac, here are three game-changing guac recipes that are healthy, flavor-packed, and a little more guilt-free. (While you’re at it, forgo the tortilla chips and opt for freshly chopped vegetables!) Your guests will say gracias.

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10 Snacks That’ll Make You Feel FLY

Bowl of Fruit, Keyboard, Notebook, Pen and Plant

Fact: we love snacks. At FLY HQ, you can find endless healthy options to help us power through our busy days and the rides and pulses that follow. After all, we know that these in-between eats can make or break our performance, our mood, and – real talk – the way our pants fit.

Want some snack-spiration? Here are 10 good-for-you, yummy options to help you conquer your goals at work and during class… and won’t have you reaching for those mid-day M&Ms.

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Eat Clean & Feel FLY.


Planning your dream getaway or next corporate retreat? Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure or a little of both, making healthy choices can be tough. It’s always tempting to indulge in airport food options that offer instant satisfaction (Kit Kat Minis, anyone?), but it’s possible to steer clear and keep FLYing forward!

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Real talk: Sometimes, you don’t have enough time to enjoy a full meal before hitting the bike or mat. So what — and how much — should you eat to optimize your ride or pulse? Check out these quick, simple pre-workout snacks that are guaranteed to power you through to new levels of success.

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Soup Recipes To Keep You FLYing Above The Winter Blues

Flywheel - PG - Winter Soup Blog - V2

Wish you could continue to feel the heat outside of the studio?

Luckily, there are many benefits to winter: cozy sweaters, decadent hot chocolate, fuzzy socks and the occasional snow day that brings out the inner kid in all of us. Plus, the colder months offer the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time in the kitchen. So FLY above those winter blues with tasty and nutritious soup recipes you can curl up with at home.

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Color Your World Oats


In the winter, it’s important to keep things bright and colorful. Whether you’re a master artist or stick figure novice, oatmeal is your perfect canvas in the kitchen, plus, it offers essential nutrients to keep you energized before and after you FLY. The question is, how will you decorate your bowl? Here are four delicious oat-filled combos that look so pretty you may have trouble eating them.

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