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Blue Apron x Flywheel

Written by NYC Flywheel Instructor Sarah Ballan @sarahballan

I order the best food. I simply do not cook. I’m not sure if it’s laziness, or maybe I just don’t know how. Not that I’m all that lazy – I teach eleven Flywheel classes a week, freelance, and babysit whenever I have a free night. I always get slightly intimidated when I go to the grocery store. I food shop when I’m hungry and end up buying a lot of items I don’t need, or sometimes an excess of one particular item. After a long day, take-out is usually the best option, and in New York City, the choices are infinite.

I decided to give Blue Apron a shot because Flywheel gave me the chance. The ordering process was simple. I created an account online, then I chose my meals from a lengthy list of recipes. There are multiple categories: Signature meals, Weight Watcher meals, and Vegetarian options. Each order serves two people, but there is an option to upgrade to four servings. You can pick your meal based on cook time. If you know you won’t have a ton of time, opt for a 25-minute recipe instead of an hour-long ordeal. After scrolling through the virtual cookbook, I decided the Garlic-Caper Chicken and Curry Beef Burgers.

The large cardboard box containing my two meals for two arrived on Tuesday night, which was fairly quickly since I ordered over the weekend. Shipping and processing the orders usually take a few _____ business days. Blue Apron does a good job of telling you exactly what day and time you should expect your delivery to arrive. If you aren’t home at the delivery time on the dot, don’t worry because there’s a ton of ice in the box to keep the ingredients fresh. I did a fancy Instagram-style unboxing and carefully took out the contents of the box, only to stock the items in the fridge because it looked too intimidating. Needless to say, I settled for sushi instead.

The next day it was time to tackle Blue Apron. I looked carefully at the ingredients and directions I had been so quick to dismiss the night before. Each ingredient – quantity and all – was perfectly packaged, ready for immediate use.

I went with the Garlic-Caper Chicken: 35-minute cook time, 580 calories. The ingredients were as follows: a small bag of orzo, one zucchini, a lemon, dried oregano, chili paste, two sizable chicken breasts, and parmesan cheese to sprinkle on top. The only thing I needed on my end was a pot, a pan, and some EVOO. I had wine in my apartment, but you can opt to add a wine pairing to any blue apron recipe if that’s your thing.

The directions were clear and concise. I neatly arranged the contents on my counter and began boiling the water for the orzo. As the water boiled, I sliced my zucchini and simmered it in a pan with the pre-portioned mix of oregano, chili paste, and lemon squeeze. The aromas of edible food began to fill my kitchen and I felt accomplished.

From start to finish, the meal took me an hour to prepare, instead of the allotted 35 minutes. If you are a more seasoned cook (pun intended) perhaps it would take the suggested amount of time, but just in case I would leave an extra 20 minutes or so as a cushion.

I am by no means an experienced cook, but Blue Apron gave me a confidence boost. My Instagram followers joined me on my journey and gave an overwhelmingly positive response. My friends who usually joke that I burn water seemed impressed by the aesthetic of the final Blue Apron product. Those who don’t know me as well were conned into thinking I can cook! I didn’t have a surplus of ingredients leftover in my fridge for once! I used all of the ingredients and didn’t spend the extra time or money in the grocery store. And who knows, maybe soon I’ll be able to finish a recipe in the allotted cooking time.

Verdict: I can definitely see Blue Apron in my future as a feasible dinner option. My second box arrives tonight.

Stay Hydrated This Summer

Let’s be honest here, sometimes water can get really boring, but you need 8 glasses of it (at least!) to stay healthy! More so if you plan on crushing a work out with us. Adding some fruits or herbs to spice things up can be a huge game-changer and help you hit that 64 oz goal or cut your sugar cravings. That’s why infused water is so amazing! It tastes great, and you can feel good drinking it.

Prep this on the weekend or in the morning before work and have it ready for whenever you need it. Let it infuse for a few hours before you plan on drinking it for the best flavor. Need some ideas to get started? We’re one step ahead of you!

For these recipe’s we’ll be measuring everything in parts, that way no matter how much you plan on making, there is no need to convert anything! You’re welcome 😊
Blueberry Mint
Take 2 parts blueberries and 1 part mint, drop them into a pitcher, reusable water bottle or whatever container you plan on using and gently muddle it to bring out the flavors. Then add in 4 parts water, and you are good to go!
Cucumber and Lime
Slice those suckers up, to equal 1 part, add in 3 parts water and give it a stir or shake! Super fast, and super tasty!
Strawberry Basil
Similar to the blueberry mint, you’ll be taking 2 parts strawberry, and 4 parts water, except this time you’ll only want to use a half part of basil. Give the flavors a muddle before adding in the water. This one is ready to drink now or later, it tastes great whenever!
Apple, Cinnamon, and Pear
Chop 2 parts fruit into squares, and this time the amount you plan on making really does matter. For a water bottle, only add 1 stick of cinnamon; but if you plan on making more than 16 oz, feel free to add more sticks. A pitcher should have 3-4. Let this one sit for at least 2 hours before drinking to let all the flavors mingle.
Take Orange, Lemon, and Lime, and slice in rounds. This recipe is better used for larger pitchers as it requires lots of fruits that most people wouldn’t eat on their own. (Unless you like eating lemon or lime as is, if so; you do you boo!) Stack the rounds into your container and add 6 parts water.

The possibilities are endless! Now go forth and drink some fancy water!

Ride and Refuel: Recovery Smoothie Recipes by Flywheel Instructors

You gave it your all in class. Now give your body what it needs to refuel. We’ve teamed up with LACTAID® to help you recover with the great taste and nutrition of 100% real milk, minus the lactose. Read on to learn about delicious LACTAID® recovery smoothie recipes by our very own Flywheel instructors and how to enter for a chance to win a FLY Anywhere bike or a one-year membership to Flywheel at the studio of your choice plus a year supply of LACTAID® products. View full rules here.

First off, let’s get one thing straight. What is LACTAID®?

LACTAID® products are 100% real dairy, minus the lactose, so even if dairy unsettles your stomach, you can still enjoy dairy without the consequences. LACTAID® offers delicious tasting options including LACTAID® Milk, LACTAID® Ice Cream, LACTAID® Cottage Cheese, and LACTAID® Sour Cream. LACTAID® Supplements are also available.

Get it? Got it? Good. Because here comes the fun part.

You can enter for a chance to win a year’s supply of LACTAID® products (provided via Target gift card) PLUS a FLY Anywhere Bike with one-year subscription OR a one-year unlimited membership to a Flywheel studio (your choice!). Between April 26, 2018 – May 26, 2018, share a photo of how LACTAID® helps with your post-workout recovery on Instagram or Twitter or comment on our Facebook post and include #FlywheelxLACTAID or #FLYxLACTAID and #sweepstakes.

We’ve hooked you up with the recipes so you can whip up these post-workout recovery perfect smoothies right at home.

GREEN MACHINE: by Sherica Holmon

  • 1 cup plain LACTAID® 2% Milk
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1/4 cup blueberries
  • 1 tbsp. almond butter (or nut butter/alternative of your liking)
  • Fresh ginger (to your liking)


  • 1/2 cup of LACTAID® Chocolate Milk
  • 1/4 cup of old fashioned oats
  • 2 tbsp. of peanut butter
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries


Sponsored by LACTAID®

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