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“I Love Being Back On The Bike!” Alana Trubitz’s Story of Survival


Alana Trubitz’s life was turned upside down just seven months ago.  During a routine breast exam at her gynecologist’s office, she was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer.  While the tumor was confined to one area, the cancer was so aggressive that the doctors wanted to treat her entire body.  A self-proclaimed “Flywheel junkie,” Alana turned to Flywheel for encouragement and support both mentally and physically.  While her doctors prohibited her from exercising prior to her first chemo treatment, she was back on the bike just seven days later.  Alana was determined to fight and get through what she called “the worst days of [her] life.”

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Success Story: How I went from stage fright to rockstar


Meet Jessica Gorman, from Miami Florida:
I’ve lost 30 pounds in the last seven months. It’s definitely been a combination of eating clean and working out like a maniac. I eat a modified paleo diet. When I say “diet,” I really mean lifestyle—it’s not a short-term fix. This plan works for me. Flywheel has also given me the motivation to feel like I can conquer the world. What keeps me going, you ask? When someone says to me (which is quite often these days), “You look amazing! What’s your secret?” Nothing feels better. I tell people that it’s no secret, just a lot of hard work. And then I proceed to tell them how Flywheel has changed my life…
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Meet Robert Hall, a 32-year-old Account Manager from Washington State. The father of two “crazy and amazing little guys, Ethan and Remington” received a wakeup call from his doctor just one year ago. He learned that that his unhealthy habits were slowly killing him. He had developed two irregular heartbeats and was pre-diabetic. It was time for a change and Robert was ready to do whatever was needed to set a healthy example for his young sons. With a clear head and 60 pounds lost, Hall shares his success story with us:
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FlyBarre Challenge Success Story: Arden Elizabeth says "The change is unbelievable"


My first experience with FlyBarre was tough. Very tough. I thought I’d glide into class. I’ve completed triathlons, I’ve done weight training and ab work for years and I was a regular in Pilates. I felt pretty strong. The FlyBarre workout was something different than anything I had ever done and even though the workout was insanely rough, I was immediately hooked!
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