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Ilene Osherow: Breast Cancer Awareness

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness for the month of October, Flywheel will be sharing stories from members of our #FlyFam community relating to their experiences with Breast Cancer. 

Please stay tuned for more throughout the next few weeks, and thank you for reading!

“My name is Ilene Osherow. One year ago today  I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, metasticized in my liver. My prognosis was dire. My protocol equally as bad. Inoperable. Chemotherapy indefinitely…

And a new treatment called immunotherapy that was approved days before my diagnosis. I was always a flywheel person, here in Tribeca (where I live) and East Hampton. I knew that I needed to stay strong so I tried to keep my daily routine… spinning 4 days a week.

My instructors: Natalie Ortiz , Rochelle Eldridge , Holly Rilinger, & Natalie Cohen. I have to mention Valentina & Antonio too. Each of these people inspired me (genuinely and open hearted).

From every text , shout out , hug and words of inspiration…. They kept me strong and focused.

I don’t really think I could’ve done it, and am doing it, without them. My gratitude to flywheel and most importantly, my instructors…. I’m just filled with gratitude.

Please make a generous donation to the Dubin breast center at Mt Sinai Hospital. They are saving my life.”

Thank you for listening,

Ilene Osherow

At Home Ride with Boomer!

At Flywheel’s live studio located in the LSQ Studio, Flywheel held two rides with Boomer Esiason in order to raise money for his organization BEF. Our amazing instructor Emily Fayette led the two rides in the live studio where live and on-demand classes are filmed for Flywheels at-home bike.

What is the Boomer Esiason Foundation?
In 1993, NFL Quarterback, Boomer Esiason, learned that his son, Gunnar, was diagnosed with the incurable genetic disease, cystic fibrosis (CF). Cystic fibrosis is an inherited chronic disease that affects the lungs, digestive system, and reproductive system of about 30,000 Americans by causing a thick build-up of mucus that leads to blockage, inflammation, and infection.

Never ones to back down from a fight, Boomer and his wife, Cheryl, founded BEF and decided then and there to fight for a cure and for the cystic fibrosis community.

What does BEF do?
BEF supports the CF community in the here and now in a number of ways, including financial aid programs and educational resources, as well as supporting research, CF centers, and lung transplant programs.

Learn more about our programs at is Team Boomer?
Team Boomer is the athletic division of BEF that:
encourages people living with cystic fibrosis to incorporate fitness and nutrition into their treatment program, invites all interested to participate in a variety of marathons, bikes, and more to raise money and awareness for the CF community.

Back 2 FLY Valedictorians!

Back 2 Fly is officially over…and here are our 2019 Valedictorians!

Sarah Patton
Center City
Robin Alpher
Bernie Weidman
Bob Zweier
Catherine Schwartz
Kathy Horvath
Kristen Kille
Lindsay Hoffman
Lisa Hart, Myra Zweier
Rhonda Aucamp
Shrader Burns
Christine Yi
Miami Beach
Tila Levi
Midtown East
Michelle Ma
Annie Gugliotta
Carla Robbins
Lauren Tamarkin
Lauren Thul
Sophia Hershman
South Lake Union
Celine Abell
Warren Hartell
Alex Selby
Upper East Side
Josh Rubin
Kelly Willinger

Congratulations everyone! Everyone who chose to participate gathered a combined total of 4251 stars! You all did a fantastic job! Stay tuned for our next challenge…

AKTIV + Flywheel

Aktiv Against Cancer is our partner for the month of October for breast cancer awareness month.

Flywheel is going to be hosting rides in 5 markets in the first week of October, donating 100% of the proceeds to Aktiv:
10/2 – NYC
10/3 – Boston, DC, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

Please click here to check out our class schedules, and sign up for class.

AKTIV Against Cancer works to ensure physical activity will become an integral part of cancer treatment. Physical activity can be positive for the vast majority of cancer patients, both during and after treatment. It helps reduce unwanted side effects such as nausea, fatigue, and sleep problems while increasing endurance, strength, and energy. It can also help build a sense of empowerment and improve quality of life. Recent research indicates the benefits of physical activity extend beyond controlling symptoms and side-effects of cancer therapy; it is shown to reduce cancer progression and improve a patient’s response to anticancer therapy.

AKTIV Against Cancer has pledged $3.3 million to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to fund exercise oncology research via Dr. Lee Jones, PhD. The results of Dr. Jones’ latest study show that physical activity helps to reduce tumor growth in breast cancer patients and renders tumors more responsive to chemotherapy. Adidas is a global sponsor of AKTIV Against Cancer. The brand selects certain products, including shoes and apparel, to carry the foundation’s logo – helping to raise awareness of AKTIV Against Cancer and its mission. adidas generously donates a percentage of proceeds from the sale of these products back to AKTIV.

Please click here to donate to Aktiv Against Cancer and support our partnership.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Cycle to End Cancer with Flywheel!

In September, Flywheel partnered with Victoria’s Secret and held a charity ride, “Victoria’s Secret Angel Cycle to End Cancer.” The angels raised over $50,000 for Pelotonia and 100% of the proceeds from the ride were donated directly to The James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute. Also joining the event was Dr. Rosa Lapalombella, a Pelotonia-funded cancer researcher and the youngest woman to ever serve as Director of the Pelotonia Fellowship Program.

Our amazing instructor Sherica Holmon taught the class featuring the Victoria’s Secret Models: Josephine Skriver, Martha Hunt, Gizelle Oliveira, Alexina Graham, Josie Canseco, Daniela Braga, Sofie Rovenstine, Lorena Duran, and Chey Carty.

As a fitness brand, Flywheel is dedicated to health in every sense of the word and it was such a joy to be able to host this ride at our NoHo studio in New York City.

To all our riders and donors, we love you all and thank you for helping researchers get one step closer to finding a cure.

For more information on the event, feel free to read about it on DAILY MAIL. For more information on Pelotonia, please click HERE

Back2Fly Community Events!

Here’s how our amazing studios are celebrating teachers, students, and education as a whole!

Free walk-in Classes for Teachers

Back Bay – 9/23-9/27
Bellevue – 9/23-9/27
Boca Raton – 9/24
Buckhead – 9/23-9/27
Center City – 9/23-9/27
Charlotte – 9/23-9/27
– Additional in-studio bake sale!
City Center – 9/23-9/27
Dupont Circle – 9/23-9/27
Flatiron – 9/26
Midtown ATL – 9/23-9/27
Millburn – 9/23-9/27
NoMadone day only
Raleigh – 9/22
TriBeCa – 9/23-9/27
– School staff evening classes 9/22-9/28
Scarsdale – 9/23-9/29
Evening classes, also “Musicals and Showtunes” theme week!
Union Station – 9/28
– Additional in-studio bake sale!
Upper East Side – 9/23-9/27
Upper West Side – 9/23-9/29
– For the teachers from Harlem Children’s Zone!

Other Amazing Activities:

Chelsea – 9/28 at 10:30am – SUPPLY RIDE!
Participants will receive a $20.00 drop-in credit for bringing in an approved item. Any faculty/PTA member from Public School 11 is encouraged to ride free of charge in other time slots!
East Hampton – 9/20
Free class for East Hampton High’s girls’ soccer team!
Lincoln Square – 9/22
Charity ride for Public School 22
Miami Beach – 9/22
– Charity ride, also North Beach Elementary is hosting a silent auction featuring 5 classes on 9/20
Midtown East – 9/23-9/24
University students and staff ride for free!
NoHo – 9/23 + 9/27
NYU students and staff ride for free!
Old Town
Students and Teachers can bring a friend for free!
Raleigh – 9/29 at 1:30 pm
Private ride!
River North – 9/28 from 8am-12pm
Bake sale in support of Ogden Elementary School, hosted by one of our rider’s daughter on behalf of her school!
Scarsdale – 9/22
Dual Ride with Lindsay and Eve!
South Lake Union
– 9/24-9/26 – $15 walk-in credit for students and teachers!

Studios are also hosting school supply drives so please, consider helping out a school or student and dropping off some supplies at your home studio!

Back to School? Back2FLY

Summer’s almost over and that means it’s back to school season…but we’ve got you covered! Through the month of September, you’ll have the chance to earn gold stars for completing assignments in-studio. The more stars you collect, the more credits you can earn. Get a head start, and stock up on credit pack(s), or be a scholar and upgrade your Superfly Pack Membership, and you’ll automatically receive extra credit(s) with each purchase.

Activities Include:

  • You CAN Fly with us: Automatically earn a star for being an existing member
  • Make a new friend: Bring a first-timer to Flywheel
  • Perfect Attendance: take five consecutive days of classes
  • Take an Elective: Take a theme class
  • Ace the test: Get a PR
  • Earn AP credit: Take a Master Instructor
  • Field Trip: take an instructor you’ve never taken before 
  • Photography 101: post a pic of you at Fly, and tag your favorite Instructor and @Flywheelsports 
  • Cover-to-cover: Book end classes (morning & night class on the same day)
  • Double-dutch at recess: Double up (take back-to-back classes of any class format combo)
  • Summer school: Three classes on a weekend (any class format combo)
  • Teacher’s pet: take the same instructor three or more times in the same week
  • Head of the class: sit in the front row or mat
  • Parent-Teacher-Conference: bring a family member to class
  • Play Hooky: Take a class between 9:00am and 4:00pm
  • Go abroad: visit a Flywheel studio and take class away from your home market
  • Transfer student: try a new class format 
  • Supply drive: bring in an approved item for a local school
  • Go Digital: Take a streaming class on the FLY app
  • Honor Roll: Reach the top of the Torqboard 
  • The New Kid: Take a class with an instructor who just joined the team within the past six months
  • Friday Night Lights: take a Friday afternoon or evening class 
  • Final Exam: complete and submit the Flywheel trivia quiz

Complete each of the assignments above, and you’ll receive one gold star per assignment, to proudly display on your studios’ activity board.

Earn 5 stars = 1 extra credit
Earn 10+ stars = 2 extra credits
Earn 15+ stars = 3 extra credits
Valedictorian – 20+ stars = FREE 6 person group class

Studios will also be hosting community events as well as school supply drives, so check in with your studio about what event they have planned and book your class here!

Assignments cannot be repeated, and participants cannot earn more than two stars per class.
Classes booked through ClassPass are not eligible to receive stars
Bonus credits expire within 60-days.
Activities can be completed, and stars earned, at multiple locations, but tracking of completion should be at your home studio.

September Events

An all-new class focusing on- you guessed it! Glutes+Abs is a 50 minute class for our more intense FlyFam!
Here’s what Brian Slaman, NYC instructor and Talent Development Director has to say:
“Glutes + Abs: We are so excited to announce the new class format, which focuses heavily on glutes and hamstrings, and majorly targets the core. It’s a 50-minute advanced level class featuring brand new exercises and longer sequences for a more intense burn. Think of it as a compliment to our ‘Arms + Abs’ format. Check your local precision training schedules, and come try out our newest barre offering!”
Your next class is just a click away!

Race for the Cure – September 8th
Flywheel Sports is the official partner of this year’s Race for A Cure on September 8th in Central Park. There will be 3 amazing FlyFIT and FlyBarre classes starting at 8:30 AM in the Naumburg Bandshell so be sure to stop by and join us!
You can sign up for our 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30 AM classes taught by the wonderful Kara Liotta, Rachel Genise, Brian Slaman, and Alex Lyons by clicking here.

Back2Fly – September 5th-29th
Summer’s almost over and that means it’s back to school season…but we’ve got your back! Through all of September, we’re giving you the chance to earn some extra credit! For every assignment you do, you’ll receive one gold star. The more stars you collect, the more credits you can earn!

Studios will also be hosting community events as well as school supply drives, so check in with your studio about what event they have planned and book your class here!