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Limitless: How One Texas Instructor Tackled the Tour de France’s Toughest Climbs

Dallas Flywheel instructor Lynn Howard is, well, as badass as they come. A seasoned road racer with some of the most challenging climbs of the Tour de France under her belt, Lynn sat down with us to chat about the ups, the downs, and the rush of riding the most renowned ride in the world. Perfect timing, as our very own Tour de FLY kicks off on July 10th. Read on for her motivational intel and athletic advice and get ready crush those miles.
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Stronger Together: One Couple’s FLY Story of Survival and Strength

John, now a Flywheel Scottsdale rider, was injured in Afghanistan on May 28th, 2010. He was on a regular patrol when the enemy detonated 300 pounds of homemade bomb, sending John and four others off a cliff and into a river, leaving their truck on a dry boulder. After being in a coma for two months, suffering a traumatic brain injury, and having both legs amputated below his knees, John’s doctors explained he would never eat, walk, or talk again. But little did they know, John’s future was soon to be a miracle.

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