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Alyson Charles Talks Mindfulness, Spirituality, and Finding Your Inner Zen

After facing a personal trauma, Alyson Charles underwent a spiritual awakening, leading her to become a Global Television Host, Healer, and Wellness Expert. As a member of the Power Council for our Power Into Summer Challenge, she sat down with us to discuss what it took to become a #RockstarShaman, how she learned to practice mindfulness, and why growth truly starts when you leave your comfort zone.

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Another Challenge down, many more lives impacted! We’ve gotten hundreds of success stories from those who have transformed their bodies, boosted confidence, and gained new friends with our Get Fit With FLY Challenge. Check out our Q&A with three participants and discover how four, fit weeks changed their lives for the better.

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Four Common Nutrition Myths

As you know, there is a lot of nutrition information to be found, whether it’s on the Internet, from family or friends, in the newest fad diet book, or amongst health professionals. Sadly, a lot of the information is either incorrect or interpreted incorrectly, which ends up perpetuating a number of nutrition myths that can be detrimental to your overall healthy eating goals. We’ve gotten a lot of these types of questions from FLY Challengers in the past, especially on the weekly calls, so we are addressing the most common myths. Read on, and then munch on.

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2Q== You’ve made it…Almost! As we enter the final week of the Challenge, it’s important to celebrate your dedication and all of the positive changes you’ve made. And of course, it’s vital to keep up the great work so you can continue to succeed. With that, here are some tips from Flywheel Chicago Challenge Coach Rachel Paus, FlyBarre NYC Challenge Coach Daniella Ortega, and C&J Nutrition for keeping up the momentum! Continue Reading



Welcome to week three of the Challenge! By now, you’ve probably learned a few things about yourself – that you love #DawnPatrol workouts, have a ton of energy if you FLY during lunch, or that happy hours at the barre top happy hours at the bar. It’s these little discoveries that can (and should) help you form long-lasting lifestyle changes after the Challenge is over. For even more pro advice on incorporating healthy habits into your life, here are tips from Challenge coaches Josh Arden (Flywheel NYC) and Carrie Kaschak (FlyBarre Charlotte, NC).
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In the early stages of going after your goals, you might feel inspired to go to extreme measures to reach them. But we often forget that it’s the little changes – like working out with a pal, posting simple reminders, and being your own cheerleader – that provide essential long-term support. Here are some tips from C&J Nutrition, and instructor coaches Alexandra Sweeney (Flywheel Seattle), Destinee Smith (FlyBarre Dupont), and Erika Carter (FlyBarre Atlanta) for kicking butt in week two of the FLY Challenge.

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