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Carrie Kaschak: November #FlyFam Feature

By November 11, 2019 November 19th, 2019 No Comments

November is all about gratitude and community. This month, we’re featuring our instructors to speak about why the #FLYFAM is important to them.

Meet Carrie Kaschak, a Master FlyBarre Instructor in Charlotte!

What do you love about the Flywheel community?

The Flywheel community is a group of like-minded individuals.  People who prioritize their workouts, enjoy maximum efficiency, and respect the craft of group exercise.  Regardless of the studio or city you are in, the community that is present expects consistency and a superior class.  I knew I needed to be a part of this group.

What was it like when you first began to have ride-or-die clients?

When people scheduled work meetings or childcare around your teaching schedule, you have arrived 🙂

How has Flywheel made an impact on your life outside of the studio?

I credit the FlyBarre workout for keeping me in-shape and feeling great throughout two pregnancies.  I also saw the quickest changes in my body after I came back to a regular teaching schedule post-partum.  I 100% believe in the power of FlyBarre to shape and tone the body in a low-impact and non-stressful way.  I also use Flywheel rides as a cross-training method while training for running races.  I am currently training for a couple of half marathons this fall, and I ride twice a week in order to improve leg turnover, increase my endurance, and build upon my cardio base without the impact of running every day.

How has the Flywheel community evolved since you’ve started teaching?

The instructors and staff at our studio in Charlotte are some of my best friends.  We laugh, cry, and live our lives together.  We have children that play together, celebrate birthdays together, and hang out at the studio in-between classes.  The FlyFam fills a huge space in my life, blending work and play.  I was also pleasantly surprised to discover some close girlfriends within my classes.  I have developed some close relationships with my most loyal clients—it goes beyond the FlyBarre studio!  We support each other in life events, go to dinner or coffee, have playdates….and we even workout at Fly many days of the week together, too!