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Better with Friends: 5 Benefits of Working Out with Your Besties

By July 17, 2019 No Comments

Here are 5 reasons why working out with your BFF takes quality time to the next level.

You’ll be more accountable

It’s so much harder to hit snooze and blow off that 6am class when you know a friend is meeting you there. Having a workout buddy counting on you gives you more incentive to get up and show up.

You’ll work harder

You know how when you’re slogging through a tough workout, the moment someone looks your way you step up your game? That’s called “social facilitation.” People tend to increase their effort when others are watching. So, watch each other’s backs like you always do, and push each other to push a little harder.

You’ll stay motivated

Burnout is real. But working out with a pal can help you avoid boredom and stay engaged. Embrace a little friendly competition on the TorqBoard as you strive to meet new goals. Support each other’s progress. Then toast each other’s successes over post-workout smoothies.

You’ll be more likely to try new things

Doing something outside your comfort zone is a lot easier when you bring backup. So, go ahead and sign up for that notoriously hard class (ahem, we suggest a Power ride) knowing that you’ll have someone to celebrate (or commiserate) with after you’ve made it through.

You’ll have more fun!

Friends can make almost any situation more fun – even super challenging workouts. Added bonus, you’ll be getting in some good hang out time while you work up a sweat. So, grab a friend, get moving and enjoy yourself!

And don’t forget, recovery time matters too.