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“I Love Being Back On The Bike!” Alana Trubitz’s Story of Survival

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Alana Trubitz’s life was turned upside down just seven months ago.  During a routine breast exam at her gynecologist’s office, she was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer.  While the tumor was confined to one area, the cancer was so aggressive that the doctors wanted to treat her entire body.  A self-proclaimed “Flywheel junkie,” Alana turned to Flywheel for encouragement and support both mentally and physically.  While her doctors prohibited her from exercising prior to her first chemo treatment, she was back on the bike just seven days later.  Alana was determined to fight and get through what she called “the worst days of [her] life.”

Now, several months later – and cancer free! – Alana is back in the stadium and feeling great.  This past weekend she participated in Flywheel Larchmont’s special Ride with Love charity event benefiting the  Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, Act with Love.  Dr. Love was part of Alana’s “lifesaving medical team.”  As Alana says, “I will be living a long life because of them.”  Learn more about Alana’s amazing story and how you can support the foundation, too:

When we last spoke in September, you had been through two rounds of chemotherapy.  How many rounds have you been through since then? How are you feeling today?
Oh man! September seems so long ago. Since then,  I’ve gone through six rounds of chemo and I have had two surgeries.  It has been challenging, but worth it because I am thrilled to now be cancer free! I just started seven weeks of daily radiation, which from what I hear is much easier than what I have already been through. I am looking forward to being mostly done by mid-April of this year!

You had to take some time off from the bike, but you’ve been able to attend class recently. How does it feel to be back?
I love being back on the bike! And being with my Flywheel family too! I am working to get my strength back.  With each ride I am feeling stronger.

How has the Susan Love Research Foundation impacted your life these past few months?
Dr. Love is one of the leading researchers in the world charging the way to a world free of breast cancer. Her goal is to find the cause and prevent women from getting breast cancer.

It was Dr. Susan Love, acting as a friend and advisor, who suggested I do chemo first. After the pathology came back from my lumpectomy, my surgeon said that if I had not done chemo first, what began as a lumpectomy probably would have ended as a mastectomy because she would have had to take so much breast tissue to get clean margins. WOW, did Dr. Love call that one! My right breast thanks her dearly for saving its life… as do I!

I am thrilled that Dr. Loves’ organization teamed up with my amazingly supportive indoor cycling studio, Flywheel, for the Ride with Love charity class.

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We feel so honored that you consider us a part of your “Fitness Family.”  Tell us more about your Flywheel experience.
I feel so fortunate to have a special place in my life where I can do whatever the day allows.  I look ridiculous in a towel hat and I know that just doing my best and feeling good is all anyone wants for me. My Flywheel family has huddled around me with an abundance of support and love. I am grateful to be part of their team and honored to have Flywheel as part of mine.

Thank you, Alana, for sharing your story and we are so proud of you and your resilience!

Didn’t make it to class? You can still donate here or join the Army of Women.

Please join us as we extend our prayers and thoughts to Alana as she completes her chemotherapy. 

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