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Amy Segal: November #FlyFam Feature

By November 15, 2019 November 19th, 2019 No Comments

November is all about gratitude and community. This month, we’re featuring our instructors to speak about why the #FLYFAM is important to them.

Meet Amy Segal, a Flywheel and FlyFit Instructor in Florida!

What’s one word to describe your feelings towards the FlyFam?

Passion. Loyalty. Devotion. (I couldn’t choose just one!)

What’s one thing that makes your class unique?


What was it like when you first began to have ride-or-die clients?

I connected with my riders immediately. #AMYSPIN grew very quickly and organically. Working out became fun, social, and an emotional outlet that people wanted to participate in every damn day. It didn’t matter if it was 7:30 am on a Sunday, 10:30 am on a Wednesday, back to back on Saturdays, if it was in North Miami or Miami Beach – My riders wanted the experience, the fun the FLYing high feeling, the you danced out of class feeling.

How has the Flywheel community grown or evolved since you’ve started teaching?

I’ve created a community. A team. A lifestyle.

We take #AMYSPIN field trips, we take other classes together, we celebrate birthdays, we connect outside the studio. We support and wear #AMYSPIN gear. We have a trust, a connection a bond on and off the bike. #AMYSPIN it’s more then a ride. It’s a lifestyle. It’s an attitude.

How has Flywheel made an impact on your life outside of the studio?

I love my riders. I have faith in my riders. I respect their commitment, dedication and loyalty. I celebrate their accomplishments, reward their efforts, and truly appreciate and admire each and everyone of them. They have become an important part of my life just as I have theirs.