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Alex Sweeney: November #FlyFam Feature

By November 15, 2019 November 19th, 2019 No Comments

November is all about gratitude and community. This month, we’re featuring our instructors to speak about why the #FLYFAM is important to them.

Meet Alex Sweeney, a Master Flywheel and FlyFit Instructor in Seattle!

When did you start teaching for Flywheel and what brought you to the company?

I started teaching with Flywheel in January 2014 (almost SIX years ago!) and was immediately drawn in by the technology & the metrics, the competition and community feel of the studio.

What have you learned from the Flywheel community?

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, especially when you have the support of your community, and friends and family. I have experienced some major life moments while teaching at Flywheel and each and every time I have been blown away by the love and support of my Fly Fam. I met one of my best friends at Flywheel. I’ve built some of my most important personal relationships at Flywheel. I hope that there is some small way I can provide that same feeling to my riders 🙂

How has Flywheel made an impact on your life outside of the studio?

Flywheel has made me a better athlete, a better wife, a better mother, and a better friend. It’s given me the space to let go, to push my limits, to challenge places I feel stuck, to push my comfort level, and to embrace the hard sh!t. Flywheel has taught me that it always comes down to your mindset.

What was it like when you first began to have ride-or-die clients?

What a HUGE honor to have someone seek out your class and follow you throughout different times lots and studios! I felt incredibly honored and felt the responsibility to continue to refine my teaching and craft day in & day out! I still have riders that I met almost 6 years ago when I first began teaching, and they have been like family over these past 6 years!

Whose class are you dying to take?

EVERYONE’S CLASS!!! Too many to name! So many badass athletes around the country I would LOVE to ride with!!!!