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Adolph Sims: November #FlyFam Feature

By November 25, 2019 No Comments

November is all about gratitude and community. This month, we’re featuring our instructors to speak about why the #FLYFAM is important to them.

Meet Adolph Sims, a Flywheel Instructor in Philadelphia!

When did you start teaching for Flywheel and what brought you to the company?

My debut ride with Flywheel was December 26, 2018, AKA the scariest day of my life. I first tried Flywheel because I was actually thinking of applying to be a manager for a cycling studio and had never taken a cycling class anywhere. After taking a few at my local gym, I decided to try the studio in Philadelphia as well. Naturally Flywheel was my favorite.

What do you love about the Flywheel community?

​Some people may hate me for saying this, but I actually love the competitive aspect of Flywheel, and that you can make it as competitive as you’d like it to be. I was never an athlete, but I used to compete in male beauty pageants so competition is innately part of who I am. (The beauty pageants…I won them all)

What was it like when you first began to have ride-or-die clients?

It probably started after my 3rd week teaching. There was this couple James and Kristi that left right at the start of cool down. And, then when I exited the stadium, they immediately left the studio. I thought they hated me. They came back the following week so I decided to introduce myself. Come to find out they were both from my hometown of Pittsburgh and said that they were going to make this their Sunday routine.

What’s one thing that makes your class unique?

I have music that I like – primarily hip hop and Beyonce, but I have a wide range of music that I like. I really try and play something for everyone in my Method class.

What’s something that you’ve learned from the Flywheel community?  

I’ve become much more disciplined in terms of time management (most of the time). But playlisting took me so long at the very beginning, so I really had to carve out time for it and make it a priority. That has allowed me to put myself on a schedule in order to feel the most prepared for my class.

If you’ve taken or taught class outside of your market, what did you enjoy about that experience?

I took a Tempo class at the Buckhead studio in Atlanta. I had always known that I had wanted to teach Tempo from taking it in Philly, but after taking class in Atlanta, I knew that I could do it and really enjoy it. It was great to see a different instructor teach it versus my Tempo queen Alanna back home.

How has the Flywheel community grown or evolved since you’ve started teaching?

In Philadelphia specifically, there’s been a lot of change. Our fitness community itself is very small, but it’s a close knit community. We ALL know each other and have probably worked together at some point. Since I’ve started teaching at Flywheel I’ve noticed more and more diversity among my ridership that I personally find inspiring.

How has Flywheel made an impact on your life outside of the studio?

I’ve met some of my closest friends by both riding and instructing at Flywheel. My family is miles away, so it’s reassuring knowing that I have friends here that enjoy the same things that I do.

Whose class are you dying to take even if they teach in another city?

Not to be a teacher’s pet but I love taking my lead instructor Jackie’s class. I don’t get too often (because she’s always waitlisted), but I learn so much from her class each and every time.

What’s one word to describe your feelings towards the FlyFam?

HARDCORE  (Is that 2 words?)