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My Summer Transformation: A more Confident Me

By August 29, 2014 May 26th, 2017 No Comments


For me, the journey with Flywheel has been all about confidence.

Growing up I was always a skinny kid (cue the eye roll). Weight hasn’t been a struggle in my life, but confidence has. I spent a majority of my youth avoiding sports at all costs, mainly because I wasn’t good at them. I took ballet throughout school to get out of taking Phys-Ed, which I successfully avoided until graduation. Because I fell in love with dance and was having fun, I unknowingly spent most of my adolescence “working out” without realizing I was actually working out. To me, that’s the best kind of fitness.

When college came around, I quit dancing altogether. Whispers of “you know you can’t avoid the gym forever, it’s going to catch up with you” from my friends and family started, and of course, they were right.

Five years ago, as I started my first job out of college, things changed. I was now sitting at a desk eight hours a day and finding myself completely exhausted … from not doing anything. My eating and (lack of) exercise habits hadn’t changed, but now I was completely stagnant. I was no longer a student who walked to class. I craved naps during the week and spent many weekends sleeping until early afternoon, which I chalked up to “intense” work weeks. On top of feeling worn out, my doctor told me I had high blood pressure.

I started dating my current boyfriend last spring, and he spends most of his summer on a lake. I caught a break last year, because it rained most of the season and we spent a majority of our lake-time inside. This summer, however, the weather has been perfect and we’ve spent nearly every weekend up at the lake with friends-friends of all shapes and sizes, happy and radiating the confidence I never had. I never really avoided bathing suits; I just didn’t feel completely comfortable without a cover-up on.

When I learned my boyfriend had invited nearly two dozen people to the lake for the Fourth of July, I decided to get serious about making changes. I wanted to be healthier and feel more confident so I could completely enjoy time with my friends and family. I texted some of my best friends for suggestions and that night, I was registered for my first FlyBarre class.

I hadn’t stepped foot in a gym in over three years. I was embarrassed about starting a workout program in my late twenties, especially since I felt that everyone I know who works out has been doing so for years and had surpassed me in fitness and ability.

To say I was intimidated walking into my first FlyBarre class would be an understatement. I was petrified. And, to make matters worse, I was going to class with a good friend that happens to be a former NFL cheerleader who seems to breeze through workouts! Everyone in the room looked incredible.


Instructor Lori Beth Morris greeted me with a smile, introduced herself, and instantly eased my fears. Halfway through my first class I was hooked. I wasn’t being judged, there were people of all levels and ages, and everyone was working towards reaching their own personal goals. The classes were physically challenging, but easy to follow and easy to get the hang of. I immediately booked four more classes for that week with the help of studio manager Kelly Henderson who suggested instructors and classes she thought I would enjoy. Throughout the next few days, she continued to check in on me and offer her support. After two weeks, I became a monthly member.

I’m now averaging five classes a week. Guess what? I’m not bored and I feel great! Every class and every instructor offers a tough workout and a different style and technique that keeps me interested. Every time I see Lori Beth, I’m greeted with a genuine “Good morning Callie! How are you?” Cameron’s music pumps me up, Kelsey’s classes kick my butt, and Liz B’s classes incorporate many of the things I learned as a dancer. I haven’t met an instructor or a class that I don’t love and each one challenges me in a unique way. I now look forward to waking up at 6:00am, which I didn’t know was possible!

Every week becomes my own personal challenge. I’ve completed the Raise the Barre challenge each month since I’ve started. I’m eating healthier, not because I planned on it or bought into a diet fad, but because I feel so great walking out of a class that I no longer have the desire to put things in my body that would make me feel any less amazing. I stagger into my 7:15am classes every weekday half-asleep and am energized and ready to start my day halfway into the warm-up.

Getting fit for me was about confidence, getting toned and feeling more energized. Am I proud of where I am now? Extremely. Is there more work to do? Absolutely! There are still more classes to take, more goals to reach and many more months to #RaisetheBarre, but I’m more determined than ever to continue to live this lifestyle change I’ve started to make with FlyBarre. My only disappointment is that I waited so long to start.


Thank you Callie for sending us this incredible story! Your success is inspiring!

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