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A Flywheel Birthday for Lulu and Lattes Blogger Amy Selling

By January 30, 2014 No Comments

Birthdays are just more fun at Flywheel. Amy Selling, author of the well-known fitness and lifestyle blog Lulu and Lattes, celebrated her birthday yesterday with her closest friends (including instructors Gina Racz and Jill Perlmutter) at Flywheel Millburn. Selling admits she’s obsessed with working out, eating clean, and sharing her incredible finds to the world—so naturally we asked her to share more about her love for Flywheel (and FlyBarre), her go-to healthy food picks, motivation tips and more.

For those of us that may not know about you and your blog, Lulu and Lattes, tell us a little bit about yourself:
I am blogger who is always on the hunt for the hottest restaurant, trendy fashion find, best movie, crazy new workout, or even unspeakable gossip that is floating around town. I dish, people listen.

Why do you love Flywheel and FlyBarre?
It is the perfect mix! Flywheel gives me my cardio fix. There is nothing like the invigorating feeling when you walk out of Flywheel having burned 800 calories with an incredible mix of people to great music and your favorite teachers. FlyBarre focuses on sculpting and toning my muscles. After a crazy cardio workout, it is imperative to take a barre class on an alternate day that works on lengthening and strengthening my body. You can take all the cardio classes in the world but until you focus on core muscle groups you will never change your body.

We hear you love taking class with Gina and Jill. What is it about their classes that keep you coming back for more?
If the teacher is not high energy and the music is not great, I want to leave. Gina and Jill are incredible teachers who always run a hard, dripping sweat (which I love), fierce workout. The music is always rocking and their classes are always filled to the max! It creates a tremendous amount of energy, fun, motivating ride! I look forward to their classes every week.

You frequently go to class at our Millburn studio. What are your favorite local places to grab a healthy bite before or after class?
My favorite local places to grab a healthy bite before or after class is The Salad House (they have the best grilled chicken – ask for it hot!), The Green Nectar Juicery across the street or The Juice Caboose in Summit and if I am starving, I go to Sakura for their Naruto roll. It is Tuna, Salmon, yellowtail and avocado wrapped in cucumber. It is packed with protein without the addition of rice!

You clearly love your fitness gear—what are your go-to’s when headed to class?
I live in my lululemon crop pants (always crop otherwise my pants will get caught on the pedals) and lulu came out with this roll out tank that I literally bought in every color. It is so comfortable and doesn’t cling to you when you are sweating in spin.

It’s cold out! How do you stay motivated to workout during the winter months?
Don’t laugh – I made this video awhile back of when I was my heaviest and I watch every time I am feeling unmotivated to work out. I also own this bathing suit that sometimes fits, sometimes doesn’t. I will try it on my worst days to remind myself to get my ass to class! Lastly, I always try to think back to the last time I left Flywheel and the feeling I had when I got in the car after class – the feeling of satisfaction and happiness after conquering such a vigorous ride.


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