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Daniel Cullins and Alexandra Jennings grew up in the same Dallas town and went to the same college. But it was after they moved home after graduation and attended a Flywheel class that their journey together really began. Read on to discover how their relationship got stronger in the stadium and how Daniel planned the ultimate (surprise) FLY proposal.

How did you each start coming to Flywheel?

Daniel: Alexandra was hanging out with two good friends from high school and convinced them to go to Flywheel, so naturally I tagged along.  While we did not technically meet there, our relationship was fostered through a long stretch of Wednesday morning Dawn Patrol classes. Our large group would consistently show up but, after several months, the group dwindled. I kept going to see Alexandra.

What about Flywheel inspires you to work out as a pair?

Daniel: Definitely the TorqBoard and Power Score.  We were very competitive at first–it was fun for Alexandra because I was out of shape and she would always get a higher score. We also enjoy meeting other couples who ride.


Tell us, how did the proposal go down?

Daniel: I had Flywheel create a fake 3:30pm class on a Sunday. I showed up at 2:45pm to set up the rose petals, candles, and slideshow. I started getting really nervous around 3:05pm when I went to pick her up, and when we got to Flywheel, she was very suspicious because I told her she was let in off the waitlist – but there were hardly any cars in the parking lot. I was prepared for a full range of emotions when she walked in, but she actually just froze. She was so shocked! I had a whole speech prepared, but neither of us remembers exactly what I said. She said yes!

Alexandra: We were signed up for class with our favorite instructor, Thomas Renner. We were originally waitlisted (or so I thought), so I was glad we got in. I was one class away from Powering Up in May!

When we walked into to the studio, I put my things in my locker, filled my water bottle, and got ready for class as usual. Then, I opened the door to the stadium and saw the decorated room. At this point, I knew he was going to propose, but I was so shocked that I totally froze. He then led me closer to the instructor bike where he had placed a bottle of champagne and flowers. He gave a speech, got down on one knee, and proposed. Of course, I said yes! Afterwards, we stayed in the stadium to watch the slideshow his sister had put together.

It was the best proposal I could have ever imagined. The staff and Thomas were so amazing to make the pretend class and help set everything up. I’m blown away by how thoughtful Daniel is to have come up with the entire surprise, and I can’t wait to marry him on May 28, 2017!