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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Working at Flywheel HQ

By December 16, 2016 May 16th, 2017 No Comments

Ever wonder what it looks like behind the scenes? We work hard and play hard. Here’s a sneak peek look into all the perks that team Flywheel enjoys.

1. Sweat breaks.

Feeling stressed mid-day? At Flywheel we go from our desk to the bike for sweat breaks to prevent the afternoon slump and keep us energized. 

2. Dog-friendly.

We love our FLY pups! On any given day there’s a four-legged friend running around the office. 

3. Snack wall.

Need we say more? You can always find fresh nuts, power bars, fruit, yogurt, and even candy stashed in our kitchen for the taking. 

4. Happy hour Thursdays.

Thirsty Thursdays, anyone? Every week we gather together and cheers to a productive week and a great weekend ahead. You can expect beer, bubbly, and good company. 

5. The conference rooms are named after studios.

Even though our headquarters are in NYC, we love paying tribute to our studios everywhere. Each of our conference rooms are named after our studios nationwide. Whether we’re meeting in conference room Charlotte or South Lake Union, we like to represent. 

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