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Meet Robert Hall, a 32-year-old Account Manager from Washington State. The father of two “crazy and amazing little guys, Ethan and Remington” received a wakeup call from his doctor just one year ago. He learned that that his unhealthy habits were slowly killing him. He had developed two irregular heartbeats and was pre-diabetic. It was time for a change and Robert was ready to do whatever was needed to set a healthy example for his young sons. With a clear head and 60 pounds lost, Hall shares his success story with us:

“My journey started in March of 2013. I was 239 pounds. It wasn’t until August that I discovered Flywheel and FlyBarre, and by that point I had already lost 30 pounds through diet alone. I wasn’t done yet—my goal was to achieve a 50-pound weight-loss. I didn’t know if this was attainable, but I refused to give up. One of my wise Flywheel instructors had told me, ‘the reward was in the work.’ That struck a chord with me. It started to be so much more than just shedding the weight. Flywheel is 45 minutes just for me. It’s a workout where my mind, my body and my very spirit are exercising and getting rid of the waste.

Combining Flywheel and FlyBarre brought my fitness game and my health to a whole new level. I am consistently crushing my personal records on the bike and have gained a feeling of confidence and strength that I haven’t felt since my early Army days. I no longer have heart issues, my blood sugar is normal, I’ve lost 7 ½ inches around my waist and I’m rockin’ a pant size I haven’t worn since college! I have more energy to keep up with my young boys. I feel physically incredible all over. It’s interesting because while I am currently weathering one of the most difficult storms of my life personally, the reminder that there are greater rewards ahead coupled with a new strength and vitality from Flywheel helps me stay positive. I’ve woken up to life again and it is very much worth living.

Now, with 60 pounds lost, the completion of my own #FlyBarreChallenge, new friends made, and a body I am proud of – yes, I have indeed been rewarded!”


What was your first experience like with Flywheel?
I was on a mission. I knew it was going to crush me but that’s also because I knew I was going to put all I had into it. I had never taken a cycling class and was blown away by the instructor’s ability to take you on a journey while at the same time pushing you perfectly towards a goal.

What made you come back and stick to Flywheel and FlyBarre?
The instructors are what make Flywheel and FlyBarre work. They are champions, cheerleaders, coaches, and friends. They make a difference every time and I always leave inspired.

When did you start feeling changes and noticing results?
I seemed to get better every time I got on the bike. I set a new goal and worked to achieve it. I am still doing that and take pride in that I’m getting better. I was amazed at how quickly FlyBarre started cutting muscle and building strength. It’s hard, but it works. I dare other men to try!

You cleaned up your diet and lost 30 pounds. What diet tips can you share? Do you allow yourself to splurge or indulge?
I first had to cut down on my portions big time—they were out of control. I went on a very low calorie diet but would never let myself feel like I was starving. I was nice to myself but disciplined. My diet consists of high protein, natural sugars, vegetables, and lots of nuts. I simply eat as clean as possible and try to stay away from red meat. I stand by the tree nuts! A handful of almonds before a meal helps curb my hunger and tricks me into feeling like I don’t need to eat as much. Walnuts help bring down triglyceride levels (which were high for me) and cut down fat in the midsection. It wasn’t until I reached my goal weight that I allowed myself to splurge. My metabolism had to change to be able to burn the extra fat and sugar instead of just storing it. Now that I have a consistent exercise routine and am able to maintain my weight, I allow myself to enjoy some of the foods I’ve missed—without the guilt!

What has this experience given you that you’re most proud of?
It’s gratifying to push yourself in every class you take. Sometimes you hit or exceed your goal, sometimes you fall short, but every time you know gave it your all. It’s a reminder that you must work for everything important in your life.

What are you looking forward to doing now that you’ve reached this fitness goal?
I will first maintain my body while I continue to strengthen it, but truly – I thank God my boys got their dad back and I am just going to put that energy into spending time with them. My youngest loves art and the older one loves science so we have a fantastic time creating and learning. I love their minds and every day is an adventure!


We’re so proud of you Robert, for staying positive and pushing through your obstacles and reaching your goals. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

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