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4 Questions with Former Editor and Fitness Junkie Author Lucy Sykes

By July 27, 2017 No Comments

We sat down with Lucy Sykes, former editor and author of the new novel, Fitness Junkie who opened up about her inspiration for her book, the fashion industry, and why she loves to pulse it out at FlyBarre.

1. How did your career in the fashion world shape your attitude toward fitness and body image?

The fashion industry is incredibly skewed when it comes to body image. There’s a constant pressure to make sure things fit the way they were designed to, look good, and feel confident…yet that all means being a size 0. My perception of beautiful has always been skinny, not strong. In recent years, that has been changing causing a shift in the industry. This causes the fitness industry and fashion industry to overlap, since industry professionals are constantly working on their bodies and health, making sure they are strong, lean and beautiful.

2. We know you’re a regular FlyBarre pulser. Tell us why you love to hit the mat!

I crave FlyBarre for the music, the energy and the incredible charisma of the instructors. They don’t back down from their own challenge, they do every move and suffer through the class with me. It’s my own kind of meditation. Every time I’m there it transports my mind somewhere else. And lastly, but most exciting, my body has completely changed and my confidence has spiked. Now I don’t mind looking at my hot, toned bod in the mirror. My favorite instructors are Kara, Patrice and Todd. Go to them if you want a good ass kicking!

3. If you could give wellness advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Ballet will give you a great foundation, but you have to keep moving once you stop dancing! Make sure you’re only doing workouts you love. It’s the only chance you’ll keep it up.

4. Your novel, Fitness Junkie, is fiction. But how much of it is inspired by real-life things you’ve seen, heard, or experienced?

It’s definitely all made up, but it does have strong influences. The wellness revolution is really what inspired the novel—and myself—to make a change in my life.


To learn more about Flywheel’s collaboration with LeSportsac for the release of Fitness Junkie and to purchase the book, click HERE.