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We’re excited to highlight awesome instructors Kirsten Lloyd (barre) and Marcy Stech (wheel)! Take one of their classes on Wednesday in Dupont and Friday in CCDC, respectively, and you’ll get another one, on us.

  • Dupont | Kirsten’s FlyBarre | Take Wed. 3.22, 7:45 PM and get booked into Mon. 3.27 10AM | Book a Mat!
  • CCDC | Marcy’s Flywheel | Take Fri. 3.24 10AM and get booked into Mon. 3.27 10AM | Book a Bike!


Crank up the Torq in Tulani’s Destiny’s Child ride or Christine’s Britney vs. Christina ride in CCDC. Sweating it out in Dupont? Catch old Kanye vs. new Kanye with Arnold and Gaga vs. Mariah with Stephen. We’ve got themes at the barre, too, so come power your pulse with indie, country, or reggae!

  • Dupont | Arnold’s Kanye vs. Kanye Ride | Wed. 3.22 | 7:30PM | Book a Bike!
  • Dupont | Stephen’s Lady Gaga vs. Mariah Ride | Fri. 3.24 | 4:30PM | Book a Bike!
  • Dupont | Destinee’s Reggae Pulse | Sun. 3.26 | 12:30PM | Book a Mat!
  • CityCenter | Emma’s Indie Pulse | Wed. 3.22 | 5PM | Book a Mat!
  • CityCenter | Tulani’s Destiny’s Child Ride | Fri. 3.24 | 8AM | Book a Bike!
  • CityCenter | Haley’s Country Girls Pulse | Sat. 3.25 | 4PM | Book a Mat!
  • CityCenter | Christine’s Britney vs. Christina Ride | Mon. 3.27 | 7AM | Book a Bike!


Welcome to the instructor podium, Shelby! Clip in for her complimentary debut ride on Wednesday, 3/22 at 8:30pm in Dupont. Book as usual and we’ll drop a credit back into your account within 48 hours. Book a Bike!

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