Weekly Theme Classes: Flywheel Bay Area


Check out what’s happening in the Bay Area studios this week!

We’re excited to highlight awesome instructors Pegah, Nicole, and Leslie! Ride in select classes in Sunnyvale, Market Street, or Walnut Creek this week and you’ll get another class, on us. Click below to view all the details and reserve, and see the front desk after the first class. We’ll book you into the next! (Limit one free class per person).Sunnyvale:

Take: Sunnyvale | Pegah’s Fly45 | Mon. 3.20 | 4:30 PM | Book a bike! 

Get: Sunnyvale | Nicole’s Fly45 | Fri .3.24 | 4:30 PM | See the Front Desk to Book!

Walnut Creek:

Take: Walnut Creek | Nicole’s Fly45 | Mon. 3.20 | 6:30 PM | Book a bike!

Get: Walnut Creek | Nicole’s Fly45 | Wed. 3.22 | 6:30 PM | See the Front Desk to Book!

Market Street:

Take: Market Street | Leslie’s Fly45 | Wed. 3.22 | 8:00 AM | Book a bike! 

Get: Market Street | Leslie’s Fly45 | Fri .3.24 | 5:30 PM | Book a bike!



In Sunnyvale, Alex is teaching a house party ride on Thursday (tell all your friends…), and you don’t want to miss Jenni’s mash-up ride on Saturday. Riding in Walnut Creek? Sarah’s got the best of the 90s ready for a Thursday morning FlyBeats class.


Sunnyvale | Alex’s House Party Ride | Thur. 3.23 | 6:00 AM | Book a bike!

Sunnyvale | Jenni’s Mash-up Ride | Sat. 3.25 | 9:00 AM | Book a bike!


Walnut Creek | Sarah’s 90s TBT FlyBeats | Thur 3.23 | 9:30 AM | Book a bike! 

Have you taken  Sarah Soptic’s  Thursday at 3:30pm yet in Market Street?! Meet her in the stadium and get ready to FLY.



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