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Check out what’s happening in the Bay Area studios this week!

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Clip in for Jenni’s Epic Exes ride or Alex’s Euro Trip ride in Sunnyvale, tap it back at Market Street in Krista’s Ride + Rave EDM class, and wish a FLY farewell to Kayley in Walnut Creek. Grab your bikes now!


Market Street | Krista’s Ride + Rave EDM Ride | Wed. 4.26 | 4:30 PM | Book a bike!


Sunnyvale | Jenni’s Epic Exes Ride | Tue. 4.25 | 6:00 AM | Book a bike!

Sunnyvale | Alex’s Euro Trip Ride | Thur. 4.27 | 6:00 AM | Book a bike!


Walnut Creek | Kayley’s #TBT 2013| Thur. 4.27 | 6:30 PM | Book a bike!

Walnut Creek | Kayley’s Farewell Ride| Sat. 4.29 | 8:30 AM | Book a bike!



Pop-up classes

Market Street | Sarah’s Pop-up Fly45 | Mon. 4.24 | 2:30 PM | Book a bike!

Market Street | Kristen’s Pop-up Fly45 | Tue. 4.25 | 3:30 PM | Book a bike!


Belle is coming for you Sunnyvale! Check out our newest instructor in this FREE* Debut Ride.
Sunnyvale | Belle’s Debut Ride | Sun. 4.30 | 10:15 AM | Book a bike!
*Book a bike with a credit and you will get a credit returned to your account after the ride
Checkin photo
Get ready to sprint past check-in: Our new Auto Check-In feature launches this week! To get it going, open your Flywheel app (click below to download the most updated version), select ‘Yes, please!” when the pop-up appears, and follow the prompts to enable location and Bluetooth. When finished, you’ll be checked into class as soon as you enter the studio. Enjoy, and be sure to share your feedback!
Also, Never Coast, and never forget your bike settings — you can now save them in your Flywheel account! Click HERE to input your numbers (you can edit them anytime you’d like) and enjoy the update!



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