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A Philadelphia Rider Finds Mind-Body Peace At Flywheel

Julie blog 2

Julie Szymczak is a sociologist and health services researcher living in Philadelphia. She has always made physical fitness a part of her life, since her time as a multi-sport athlete in high school. Since moving to Philadelphia for graduate school 10 years ago, she participated in different fitness activities including running, weight training and group exercise. Also an indoor cyclist for about 4 years, she took classes at local gyms and studios — that’s where she met Jesse Spiegel, an instructor at Flywheel. She recently celebrated her one-year FLY-versary, and took some time to share how Flywheel has changed her life.

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This quarter, we received countless submissions for the coveted Flywheel Hall of Change title. After selecting this quarter’s Hall of Change winner,  Alyssa Welsh, we were still inspired and moved by so many other incredible stories. Which is why, for the first time ever, we decided to select a Hall of Change runner-up.

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Alyson Charles Talks Mindfulness, Spirituality, and Finding Your Inner Zen


After facing a personal trauma, Alyson Charles underwent a spiritual awakening, leading her to become a Global Television Host, Healer, and Wellness Expert. As a member of the Power Council for our Power Into Summer Challenge, she sat down with us to discuss what it took to become a #RockstarShaman, how she learned to practice mindfulness, and why growth truly starts when you leave your comfort zone.

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